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    Metron was a New God who claimed neutrality in the conflict between warring New Genesis and Apokolips. He observed the Universe, always looking to expand his vast knowledge.

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    "Who runs the Universe matters not! What makes it run is my prime objective!" -- Metron.

    Metron was a New God, though he claimed to have been born on neither New Genesis or it's dark twin, Apokolips. This fact enabled him to remain neutral in their conflict and his presence was tolerated by most, no matter how powerful or evil, because of his reputation for impartiality.

    Major Story Arcs

    Quest for Knowledge

    "I serve life in my own way! What there is to know... I wish to know! My knowledge is my power! Time and space is my domain!" -- Metron.

    Metron was solely motivated by the desire to expand his knowledge. There are few secrets or mysteries in existence that Metron has not solved. To aid him in his quest, he helped to invent Boom Tube technology. His Mobius Chair was an extension of this, the chair could bend space and time and even travel to other dimensions. To empower the Mobius Chair he needed Element X, the same element he used to create the Boom Tubes. However, knowledge came with a cost, and to get enough Element X for the Mobius Chair, he had to make a bargain with Darkseid, giving to Apokolips the technology of the Boom Tube. Logically, Darkseid used the technology to make war with New Genesis.

    Metron always appeared in times of great importance, though he might never interfere or share his knowledge unless all existence is threatened, such as the Mageddon event of Final Crisis.

    Orion Fights for Earth

    After a prophecy from the Source was read by High-Father, Metron asked Orion's birthplace. He figured out that Orion was born of Apokolips, and was told by High-Father to keep it a secret. As Orion goes to face Darkseid on Apokolips to do as the Source commanded, he faced the New God Kalibak. Metron suddenly appeared, and with a blast from the Mobius Chair, trapped Kalibak in a barrier. Metron told Orion that he needed to think before he fought, then proceeded to tell him of Darkseid's plans for attaining the Anti-Life Equation. Metron told Orion that he might to go to Earth to face Darkseid, and that he needed to return the humans Darkseid experimented on to Earth. He teleported Orion's Astro-Harness to him, then proceeded to leave.


    Krona was travelling from universe to universe on his quest to discover the origin of those universe, never finding the answer and destroying them in the process. When Krona discovered the Marvel Universe, Grandmaster offered to aid him in his quest by showing him someone from an earlier universe, Galactus, if he could beat him in a game. If Krona lost, he had to leave the universe unmolested. Metron aided the Avengers, who were unwittingly working for Krona, against the Justice League in collecting items of power from their universes. The League won, but Krona had discovered Galactus on his own. Metron parted ways with Krona, pointing out that Krona was out for conquest not knowledge. Once Krona was defeated by the combined forces of the Justice League and Avengers, Metron discussed the game with Grandmaster. Metron had led Krona to the Marvel Universe to as part of a game with Grandmaster. If Krona had succeeded, Metron would have had the knowledge too. As he failed, Krona was sealed into a new universe, a cosmic egg, one that Metron could observe. Krona and Metron would have their answers as the egg grew into a new universe.

    Final Crisis

    In prehistoric times, Metron visits the early human Anthro, giving him fire, as well as a "circuit" that would be used millions of years later to combat the Anti-Life Equation.

    In the present day, Darkseid's Justifiers release the equation, enslaving the population of Earth. A wheelchair-bound Metron is thrown into a cell along with others who are immune to the Equation, including Nix Uotan and a "mysterious anthropoid". Metron is seen fiddling with a Rubik's cube. The anthropoid mentions that no man alive has ever completed a maximally-scrambled Rubik's Cube in less that 18 moves. Once the guards return to deal with the prisoners, Metron completes his Rubik's Cube in 17 moves, causing it to "ping". Light floods the chamber, returning Metron and Nix to their full power.

    Metron tells Nix Uotan to observe the inauguration of the "Fifth World"; the age of men as gods. Metron leaves a warning: If the humans breach the Bleed wall, they will face a greater "threat" than Darkseid. Metron left the Mobius Chair behind for Superman to use it's power source, Element X, to activate the Miracle Machine in order to defeat Mandrakk.

    Powers and Abilities

    Metron has demonstrated numerous god-like abilities somewhat inconsistently throughout his history. Metron is the New God of Knowledge, his scientific genius armed with incalculable depths of knowledge, facts, and information that he has gathered over a lifetime. Metron has invented technological wonders such as Boom Tube, Mobius Chair, help the Justice League create a time machine, etc. Metron was immune to the Anti Live Equation and could share his immunity with others.

    However, he is most well known for the use of his Mobius Chair. Powered by the "X Element", which at times he has bartered with Darkseid for, the chair enables him to traverse time and space in his endless pursuit of knowledge.

    Metron, like all the New Gods, has an immunity to disease and stuff as such. Despotellis tried to infect Highfather with a disease, but he told Sinestro that he couldn't because the New Gods' biology allows them to have immunity to disease. He is shown to live billion of years due to time travel. Not the most durable he has been able to take blows from the likes of Orion and Captain Atom.


    • Height: 6'1"
    • Weight 190 lbs
    • Eyes Blue
    • Hair Black

    Other versions

    Rock of Ages

    An evil Metron from an alternate future, where he is in service to Darkseid, who has taken over Earth and possibly the entire universe, appears in the JLA storyline Rock of Ages.

    Seven Soldiers

    In Grant Morrison's Seven Soldiers megaseries, Metron is a homeless paraplegic man in a wheelchair, having been cast out of the Fourth World as a result of Darkseid winning the war between Apokolips and New Genesis. He is seen playing chess with The Black Racer, and his wheelchair is sometimes pushed by Orion. While this story takes place in regular continuity, the section where Metron and the other New Gods appear in this state is revealed to have been one in a series of possible worlds experienced by Shilo Norman, and not the actual present.

    Captain Carrot and the Final Ark

    The miniseries Captain Carrot and the Final Ark features a satirical version of the New Gods, in which they are anthropomorphic canines called the New Dogs. Metron is known as Muttron, and the Mobius Chair is known as the Bark-o-lounger.


    • Metron causes Kal-El's rocket to divert from Earth to Apokolips in the Elseworld comic Superman: The Dark Side


    He observed the events of Kurt Busiek's JLA/Avengers comic, giving Iron Man a Mother Box to balance the power given to the Justice League by Grandmaster. His main role during the miniseries was to observe and investigate Krona's actions, refusing to deviate from his non-involvement at the end when Krona demanded his aid. At the end, Metron kept guard over the newly formed Cosmic egg.

    Uncanny X-Men/Teen Titans

    Metron appears briefly in the 1982 Marvel/DC crossover special The Uncanny X-Men and The New Teen Titans, wherein the two teams battle Darkseid, Deathstroke and a resurrected Dark Phoenix.

    Other media



    • Towards the end of part two of the two-part Superman: The Animated Series episode "Apokolips...Now!" Metron makes a non-speaking cameo where he is shown in the background when Orion brings in all the troops from New Genesis to fend off Darkseid from Earth.
    • Metron appeared in the final two episodes of Justice League Unlimited voiced by Daniel Dae Kim. In it, he tries to warn Lex Luthor not to go through with his plan of resurrecting Brainiac, claiming what he will do will affect the universe, but Luthor ignores him and goes ahead to revive Brainiac. Unfortunately, he ends up resurrecting a Brainiac-enhanced Darkseid. Metron later provides Lex Luthor with the means to defeat him, by taking Luthor to the Source Wall to obtain the Anti-Life Equation.


    • Metron has received his own action figure through Mattel's online DC Universe Signature Series line, via MattyCollector.Com. This was a special edition figure only available to those who subscribed to the Club Infinite Earths program. Metron came complete with his Mobius Chair, in a distinctly larger package than standard DC Signature Series offerings.
    • Jack Kirby's Metron also went on to influence Mattel toys with the creation of its character Zodac for the Masters of the Universe toy line.


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