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 Metalloid runs off with a bank vault.
 Metalloid runs off with a bank vault.
Metalloid was a robot that would come into conflict with the Thing and Tigra after he starts to runaway with a bank vault. Metalloid throws the vault at the Thing and starts to generate extreme heat from his robot body. The Thing throws the vault back at Metalloid but he melts the entire vault and the contents inside with his touch. The fight continues until the combatants reach the East River and the Thing knocks Metalloid onto a garbage scow. The Thing pummels Metalloid until it becomes pieces of scrap and its pieces are recovered by the Coast Guard.


Metalloid was created by Roy Thomas, Gerry Conway, Ron Wilson and Joe Sinnott in 1977 and first appeared in Fantastic Four # 179. 

Powers & Abilities

Metalloid is a robot with superhuman strength, durability and resistance to injury. Metalloid is able to generate extreme heat from its body which is capable of melting a bank vault in seconds.

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