What happened to old Metallo?

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I didnt really think there was a need for both Metallo and Cyborg Superman but i really dont like the human in an exo-suit Metallo either. What happened to the terminator version?  
Who is who in these pics? I want the terminator Cyborg Superman rip off back

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@DEGRAAF: That's the Metallo we have now. Secret Origins Metallo was pre-Underworld Unleashed Metallo.
At least, that's my understanding.
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well the one in secret origins is the same one shown in the New Krypton story
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@DEGRAAF: Ah, I haven't read New Krypton....and that's utterly ridiculous. Sigh, another Geoffcon it seems.
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Just saying: lol. Metallo may be a Terminator knock-off, but he predates Cyborg Superman by at least a few decades. 
That said: Pre-Crisis, John Corben appeared in one story I think with skin on, then his brother appeared in a similar outfit to Geoffcon Metallo a couple of times before the Crisis. Post-Crisis, we have the Terminator Knock-off. Now the Geoffcon establishes that the old Silver Age outfit is the official design again. And unfortunately, there's a reason this one stayed in the Silver Age.

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Lex Luthor kidnapped John Corben and turned him into the exo-suit looking Metallo back in Up, Up, and Away.

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he settled down, got hitch. had a few metal kids, even a half metal dog. living in a small town outside new mexico state line.he has a nice little quite life if you ask me.

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I think I hate Johns.

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@Primmaster64: You and me both.
Silverage Metallo looks dumb in comparison to John Byrne's redesign.
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Note to Johns: just because it's a classic design doesn't make it good. This Metallo looks like a Christmas-themed supervillain.

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I have always thought he is a sucky villain.Cyborg Superman ftw.

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