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    Eddie was a musician and a mutant in the year 2099. He has the power to turn his skin into any metal he touches.

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    Eddie was a mutant in 2099 but, before joining the X men he was a musician. He made music from vibration waves and was very skilled. Eddie has the power to turn his skin into any metal he touches. When Eddie was playing at Xi’an Chi Xan's place Xi'an was shot so Eddie jumped in front of him and protected him.


    Metalhead was created by John Francis Moore and Ron Lim and first appeared in X-Men 2099 issue 1 (1993).

    Major Story Arcs

    With the X-Men

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    Later he also helped and joined the X-men out of a gun fight. He would then join Meanstreak and raided the Synge Corporation building to clear Xi'an's name of murder. But, Synge captured the two men. Then the X-men came and sved them and cleared Xi'an's name. Later, when the X-men heard from a lady named Mama Hurricane they went to capture her. When they found her they fought and had a brief talk with her. She told them she was the leader of a group called Freak Show. After that the X-men went to look for the mutant paradise called Avalon. But, Eddie discovered he had been infected by the team Freak Show and was trapped in his metal form. He decided to stay back with Rosalinda who still cared for him even if he was in his metal form.

    Freak Show

    Metalhead in his transformed state
    Metalhead in his transformed state

    So Eddie would join the team Freak Show. The Freak Show traveled to Oklahoma Hills to have help with Rosalinda baby. A man named Glitterspike said the baby was his but Eddie disagreed and fought him. Glitterspike had beat him and took Rosa and the baby. But, while flying away Rosa made him crash. Where they later found an alien named Shadow Dancer. Glitterspike had fought the alien while Rosa got away. Soon enough Eddie found and fought Glitterspike again but using a stronger metal. He defeated Glitterspike and left him with the alien. Later, it was revealed that Glitterspike had beaten the alien but, had his arm torn off. Now he fought Eddie again but, during the fight Rosa was having her baby and the baby used its power to protect his mother. When the baby came out it was glowing almost like Glitterspike did. Eddie and Rosa left to Halo city much later but, on the way they were being attacked and thats when Bloodhawk came a saved them. Bloodhawk stayed with them to keep them safe.

    Once they reached Halo city they thought they were safe. But, there was a man named Vulcann and he wanted to take Rosa's child. Vulcann had two red hounds attack Eddie and during the fight Eddie fell out of the window with one. Vulcann then called the other one off. Vulcann asked Rosa to give up the baby and with no other choice she did. Vulcann then took the baby and turned him into a adult and called him Darkson. When Rosa found Eddie she blamed him for losing their child. Until, Vulcan showed up again with their son at his side. Rosa didn't believe it was her son until she saw his eyes. Eddie attacked Darkson but, was thrown far away. Vulcann then asked Rosa to join him. When Eddie returned Rosa was gone. But, when Eddie went and found vulcann he attacked him. His attempt failed and Vulcann said he would kill Eddie until Rosa told Vulcann she would join him. Vulcann had tied him and the rest of the X-men to a drowning ship. Eddie was tied to a anchor. Thats when Bloodhawk cma eand lifted him and the anchor up and dropped Eddie on Vulcann. Eddie took Vulcann to the bottom of the ocean and left him there tied to the anchor. Skullfire showed up and told Darkson everything that happened. So the remaining X-men, Rosa, Darkson, and Eddie went to live on the last dry piece of land left called the Savage Land.

    Recently, when Multiple Man traveled in time, he found the Freakshow team, including Metalhead.


    Originally, Metalhead had the ability to transform from a human form to a metal form with increased strength, durability, resistance to injury, and whatever specific properties that metal had (e.g. adamantium would give him invulnerability, copper would give him increased electrical conductivity, gold would be softer, etc) dependent upon a type of metal which he made contact with. However, after his battle with Contagion he was stuck in his hulking metallic form and incapable of reverting to human form. He was still capable of shifting the molecular composition of his skin though.

    Other media

    Metalhead action figure from Toy Biz
    Metalhead action figure from Toy Biz

    Metalhead was made into an action figure as part of the X-Men 2099 line.


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