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Duped into battling against the Green Lantern, Gold and Tin are all that remain standing of the Metal Men. To make matters worse, the Missile Men descend on New York. Realizing that the Missile Men have come for Platinum, Gold and Tin valiantly try to keep her from them. While Gold is merely removed from the field of combat, Tin is destroyed. Using a special magnet, Platinum's pieces are collected, and the Missile Men return, with her, to their base on the Moon. Gold is just about to swallow his pride and seek out aid from his creator, Doctor Will Magnus, when he is suddenly addressed by the Green Lantern's ring. The power ring reveals to Gold how the Green Lantern and the Metal Men were deceived into battling one another. The ring then offers to assist Gold in rebuilding the Metal Men.

The return of the Missile Men has not gone unnoticed by Magnus, or his companions, General Henry Caspar and Johanna Rome. Magnus views the Missile Men's Moonbase through a powerful telescope. There, the Missile Men's leader, Z-1, repairs Platinum, in order to make her his queen. Having not heard from the Metal Men, Magnus fears the worst. Though sooner then intended, Magnus activates his newest creation, the world's first true android, Syntho-Rob One, also known as "The Inheritor". Green Lantern's power ring instructs Gold on repairing the Metal Men. Having completed the delicate work on the Metal Men's responsometers, Gold immerses the Metal Men in a vat of molten metal. After several long moments, the Metal Men emerge, fully operational once more.

After carrying the still unconscious form of the Green Lantern to his home, in Coast City, the Metal Men depart for the Moon, to reclaim Platinum. Magnus puts the Inheritor through a series of tests to make sure it's combat-ready. As the Metal Men close in on their destination, they are attacked by a single Missile Man. While the other Metal Men mold themselves into impact resistant shapes, Iron attacks and crushes the Missile Man. An offhand comment from Lead inspires a plan in Gold to infiltrate the Missile Men. Z-1 restores Platinum to full operational capacity. Platinum is stunned to see Z-1, whom she thought she'd never see again. Z-1 reveals that the massive sphere, of magnetized Missile Men. forming his prison eventually gave way to rust and decay, allowing his escape from the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. Z-1 left Earth for deep space.

Encountering a derelict space craft, Z-1 stripped the ship of the necessary raw materials to begin building his Missile Men again. Plundering every civilized world on the way back to Earth, Z-1 was able to construct an army of Missile Men that numbered in the thousands. Platinum refuses to become Z-1's queen. Five Missile Men break formation and attack Z-1. They are quickly revealed to be the Metal Men. En masse, the Metal Men attacks Z-1. Overwhelmed, Z-1 orders the Missile Men to atomize the Metal Men. Quickly, the Metal Men leap away from Z-1. Before Z-1 can countermand his last order, the Missile Men fire on his position, destroying him. Without Z-1 to command him, the Missile Men cease all action. Unbeknownst to the Metal Men, the Inheritor is en route to the Moon. As friend or foe, none can say.

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