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The Metabarons have 4 traditions that began with the very first Metabaron.

  • Unnatural birth: This tradition is not official, but no Metabaron has had a normal birth. Some form of cloning or incest is usually the cause for the unnatural birth of a Metabaron.

  • Mutilation: Each Metabaron is mutilated as a child by the previous Metabaron. Sometimes it is a purposeful test of the child's resistance to pain, and other times it is done out of anger, but it always happens.

  • Prosthetics: As a result of the mutilation, the child always receives cybernetic replacements for whatever part of their body was ruined. The mechanical parts often have special abilities, but not always.

  • Patricide: To make sure that the Metabaron's progeny is worthy of replacing him, the son must defeat the father in battle and kill him. The battle can be in any form, from armed combat to dogfights. This tradition actually came from the Castaka's, but since the first Metabaron became a Castaka, they have followed it as well.

  • Abilities of a Metabaron

    The first Metabaron was a skilled space pirate and bounty hunter long before he settled down. Once he did, he was exposed to a culture that prided itself in not using technology as advanced as the rest of the universe. To be a part of it he had to learn their ways. A large part of their mentality came from an adherence to Bushitaka, a way of living influenced by Japanese bushido. It demands victory at any cost. Even life comes secondly to victory. Since this way of living required being able to win any fight, and the people didn't use advanced technology, they became very skilled in the ways of bladed combat. Immense skill with weapons is passed on from Metabaron to Metabaron. Even when enormous psychic powers are available to the Metabaron, their fighting abilities are just as important. All of the Metabarons after Othon have inherited Honorata's psychic abilities. They are able to do such things as read and control minds, alter the physical world with psychic energy, create objects from energy, and even stop time. In addition to amazing weapon skills and psychic powers, the Metabarons implant numerous weapons into their own bodies and have been quoted as having the power to destroy galaxies.

    Metabaronic Technology

    The Metabarons posses technology that, in some cases, is more advanced than the rest of the galaxy. The majority of their equipment was created by the first Metabaron in the years after the loss of his son. The most well known pieces of Metabaronic technology are the Metabunker and the Metacraft, the Metabaron's home and vehicle. The Metabunker is basically a mobile asteroid. It looks like a hunk of rock but is filled with rooms and halls and has been the home of the Metabarons since Othon von Salzas, its builder. Among other things it has shields that can only be destroyed by a Metabaron and faster than light engines.

    The Metacraft is black ship that has also belonged to the Metabarons since it was created by Othon von Salzas. It is equipped with hundreds of weapons capable of destroying planets and armor that can protect it from even the pressures of a black hole. It's the fastest ship in the known universe and appears to be semi-sentient. The current Metabaron has named it Crow.

    Othon also created various weapons for planetary combat. Some of these include gunswords, mini-bombs (planet-crushing devices that can be implanted into the body), laser weapons, missiles and armor.


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