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    "Messiah War" is the second crossover in the "Messiah" trilogy. Set over a thousand years in the future, X-Force were sent to retrieve Cable & the baby mutant, Hope. There they encounter Stryfe, Bishop, Apocalypse and a thousand year old Deadpool.

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    Creative Team and Series Structure

    The whole crossover is written by the current writers of both " Cable", Duane Swierczynski, and " X-Force", Craig Kyle and Christopher Yost, and also the series artists, Ariel Olivetti and Clayton Crain. Kyle and Yost wrote chapter one, which is a one-shot, with art by Mike Choi and Sonia O'Back. From there out the chapters are divided equally between "Cable" and "X-Force". All issues have a 50/50 variant covers, provided by artist, Kaare Andrews.

    The structure is similar to that of " Messiah Complex", where it begins with a one shot and is then divided between various X-Titles, however this crossover is on a lesser scale than the previous, as it includes lesser titles from the X-Universe, and is set too affect less of it.


    Messiah Complex

    Hope Summers: Saviour or anti-christ?
    Hope Summers: Saviour or anti-christ?

    The first installment in the planned "Messiah" trilogy X-Crossover, the wheels for "Messiah War" were first set in motion here. It is here that the pivitol character, Hope Summers, was born. There, we learned that two time travelling mutants, both members of the X-Men, Bishop and Cable, wanted the baby for different reasons: Cable hoping to protect her while Bishop is trying to kill her. At the end of " Messiah Complex", Cable was entrusted with the baby by Cyclops, and he set out into the future, not knowing Bishop was hot on his tail.

    See "Messiah Complex" for more information on the events of this previous crossover.


    Learning that Bishop was after Cable and the baby, Cyclops had Beast develop time travelling devices so Cyclops could send his secret wetworks team, X-Force (consisting of Wolverine, Warpath, X-23, Domino, Vanisher, Archangel, Elixir and Deadpool) into the future after Bishop, hoping that they'll end the threat once and for all and the future of mutant kind will be safe in the hands of his son.

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