Character » Mess appears in 17 issues.

    Signed up for Gamma Corps after losing her arm, her leg, her eye and her son in a Hulk-related traffic accident.

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    Nichole Martin blamed the death of her son on the Hulk, after a garbage truck fell from the sky and onto her car, taking from her an arm, leg, eye and her greatest loss, her young son. She joined the Gamma Corps for a chance to gain revenge against the Hulk, believing that he had thrown the truck. The Gamma Corps enhanced her by grafting cloned parts of the Abomination to her body, replacing the limbs she'd lost, and she adopted the code name: Mess.

    After fighting and nearly beating the Hulk in World War Hulk, Mess comes to terms with the loss of her son after the Hulk apologizes for her loss. This sends Mess into tears and gives her a sense of relief. It is later that Prodigy reveals to her through video footage that it was not the Hulk, but Abomination that threw the truck that caused her so much pain.


    Mess was created for use in Marvel comics by Frank Tieri and Carlos Ferreira in 2007 and first appeared in World War Hulk: Gamma Corps #1.


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