Mervyn Pumpkinhead

    Character » Mervyn Pumpkinhead appears in 104 issues.

    Merv is the pumpkin-headed janitor, construction worker, and all-around working guy for the Dreaming. Also known for being, VERY straight-forward.

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    Best known for being under appreciated as well as rebuilding " The House of Mystery"

    For the most part, Merv plays a grouchy janitor usually accompanied by a flock of bats. The main reason for his grouchiness is because he finds the need of a janitor to be pointless, as his boss, Dream of the Endless, can make things any way he wants it to be. So, Merv is often seen smoking cigars and complaining about his work. However, Merv does fear and respect his boss, so he's always nervous whenever Dream shows up when Merv's complaining.

    While he does have doubts about his job, Merv is loyal to the entities who work under him.

    But Merv has shown loyalty to his boss and the Dreaming. When the beings known as the Kindly Ones were destroying the Dreaming, Merv and his bats took up arms against them. But Merv was no match and was quickly destroyed. However, he was eventually restored by the new Dream, Daniel Hall.


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