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    The leader of the Inferior Five.

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    Merryman is the son of two heroes from the Freedom Brigade, Lady Liberty and The Patriot (parodies of Miss America and Uncle Sam, respectively). On his mother's side he is descended from the Crimson Chrysanthemum (the Scarlet Pimpernel). On his father's side he is descended from Yellowjacket (the Green Hornet). A comic strip artist by trade, Merryman went into superheroics at his parents' urging. Along with four other children of superheroes, Merryman formed the Inferior Five. As the group's most intelligent member, he became the team's leader, although he is painfully aware of the group's failings. He dressed as a jester because he believed that he was making a fool out of himself participating in the team's adventures.


    Merryman was created by E. Nelson Bridwell, Mike Esposito and Joe Orlando. His physical appearance is based on Woody Allen

    Major Story Arcs

    The Inferior Five

    Merryman leads his team in a series of adventures that, much to his surprise and the surprise of everyone around them, lead to victory for the team.

    Angel and the Ape

    Merryman and his team join Angel O'Day and Sam Simeon in their fight against Gorilla Grodd. Throughout the adventure Merryman is jealous of Dumb Bunny's feelings for Sam. When she hears Grodd implying that Sam is in love with Angel, Dumb Bunny tries to attack both Grodd and Sam. Merryman stops her, but the distraction allows the team to be turned into gorillas, though they are soon turned back. Later, Dumb Bunny's neck is snapped by Grodd, and Merryman confesses his feelings for her. She is revealed to be still alive, and the team is able to defeat Grodd.


    Following the Crisis on Infinite Earths, Merryman is discovered by Buddy Baker living in Limbo amongst dozens of other forgotten characters who have since become aware of their fictional and unloved nature. He acts as Baker's guide during his time in Limbo.

    Final Crisis

    During the Final Crisis, Merryman is found to still be in Limbo, where he has declared himself the King of Limbo. He aids the various Supermen in beating back the attack of Mandrakk.

    The Brave and the Bold

    Merryman and the team are plucked out of 1972 by the Legion of Substitute Heroes. The two teams share a misadventure. At its conclusion, Merryman and the rest of the team are accidentally dropped off in 2010.


    Obsessed with rescuing the previously lost pilot of Galaxy Trek from Gridlock, Merryman leads his team in attacking the villain's forces. He is nearly defeated before Bat-Mite arrives and reboots the team, turning Merryman into the powerful Merrimack. He becomes much more successful, but also more vicious. He is turned back to normal at Tough Bunny's request.

    Alternate Versions

    Superior 5

    Jongleur, of the Superior 5, is a serious, villainous version of Merryman.

    Powers and Abilities

    Merryman is intelligent, and a fairly skilled leader. Although he has had martial arts training, he is physically unimposing and weak.


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