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    Merk's full title is Merk of Cliff Crossing, Second Son of the Splintered Branch, indicating he has at least one brother.

    He is a very tactical fighter in combat, he uses his superior avian vision to watch his enemies and allies alike and covers for the mistakes of his allies while also safeguarding them from sneak attacks. His keen tactical insight learns the strengths, weaknesses and tactics of his opponents before he engages them. Out of the trio, he has been stated by Vorin to be the best fighter in the group, with Vorin stating that if they fought again he would most likely lose.

    He has something of a rivalry with Gruntos whom he clashes with and argues with on a regular basis, as Gruntos is very crude and somewhat vulgar, while Merk tries to be civilised and refined. Despite this he watches his back in battle and saves his life a number of times.

    In battle he fights with dual shortswords and his talons, though in earlier appearances has been shown to possess dual handaxes also. He employs wingovers to strike his enemies and move out of their range in one swift move where possible.


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