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    Meridian Mychaels is a self-defense instructor at Grant's Gym who became a member of Primal Force following the Zero Hour event. Originally denied membership into the Leymen, she eventually joined this group as well for having answered their call. She has the power to teleport along Earth's ley lines.

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    Having answered the mystic summons sent by the Leymen, Meridian Mychaels found herself a reluctant member of the group known as Primal Force.  Given the task of confronting the being known as Cataclysm, the neophyte team was nearly defeated in New York's Central Park.  Cataclysm sought to use Doctor Mist's daughter Christine to enhance his power as Christine is an oracle and mystic.   
    During the Central Park battle, Meridian rescued Christine and teleported the girl to her sister's Manhattan apartment before rejoining her teammates.  Meridian had the others distract Cataclysm in order for her to get close to the villian at which point she tackled him and teleported into the New York Bay.  The rest of Primal Force caught up with them and together the team defeated Cataclysm.  Or so they believed as Meridian stated she could sens that his energies had dispersed along the Earth's ley lines which is the method of her own teleportation.   
    In her time with Primal Force, Meridian's power had been affected by the Leymen medallion and connected to her to places in which Cataclysm's influence had been felt.  This caused Meridian to teleport to places unintentionally.  The first time, Meridian sent the entire team to Dolos, an island in the South Pacific which strangely had ancient Greek architecture.  The team encountered a giant minotaur from whom they rescued a couple who had been shipwrecked there.   
    When Meridian attempted to teleport herself and Claw back to New York, the two arrived in Hong Kong instead.  While Claw set off to take care of unfinished business, Jack O'Lantern initiated Meridian into the Leymen.  Meridian had been denied her membership by the sexist Doctor Mist, but, since Meridian answered they Leymen's call, Jack O'Lantern saw that Meridian was rightfully meant to be in the group.  After Primal Force aided Claw in stopping a killer of women, Meridian once again attempted to teleport the team home to New York.   
    However, Meridian's powers still hadn't returned to normal and Primal Force arrived in Alice Springs instead.  Primal Force battled a group of murderous teens who had acquired the powers of various Australian cryptids.  Having lost one member and gained another, the team chose to fly back to New York via airline since Meridian's powers were still unreliable.   
    Members of Primal Force were gradually being abducted by a secret organization known as The August who sought to re-shape the world in their image.  Having been immobilized by Mind-Eater, Meridian and the rest of Primal Force were freed by Nightmaster and the team was able to stop the August and their new world order.  In the team's final battle, Primal Force once again confronted Cataclysm along with Lord Satanus and Tornado Tyrant.   
    During her time with the Leymen, Meridian became close to fellow teammate, Claw, and the two briefly date.  Meridian had also formed a close bond with Christine as well, and adopted the young girl following Doctor Mist's death. 


     Meridian Mychaels has the power of teleportation, however, she cannot simply teleport wherever she wishes.  Meridian can only teleport along the ley lines of Earth, the natural or mystic equivalents of longitude/latitude coordinates.  Ley lines are associated with places in which vast amounts of magic have been performed such as Stonehenge or Ayers Rock, though they can also link man-made structures of great size such the Statue of Liberty or Big Ben.  An example of this is when Meridian states she had on various occasions tried to travel to different areas of New York but always arrived near the same building.  This building later turned out to be the base of operations for The August.  Meridian can only teleport one or two people with her but can teleport more than that through concentration though it often drains her powers.
    Along with her teleportational powers, Meridian is also skilled martial artist and hand to hand combatant.  So much so that she was offered the position of a self defense instructor at Grant's Gym, owned by Ted Grant.  Meridian found in interest in martial arts after having been mugged two years prior to the formation of Primal Force.  Meridian tried in vain to fight off her attacker and when realized she wouldn't be able to escape, she wished she was someplace else, anywhere at all.  Her desperation activated her dormant meta-gene and she teleported to another part of the city.  Since then, she has learned various forms of fighting techniques.

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