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Mercy Graves' past is unclear before she came to work for Lex Luthor. Whatever her origin, she found work as his bodyguard and assistant, and has remained loyal to him for many years.


Mercy Graves was created by Bruce Timm and Paul Dini as part of Superman: The Animated Series.

Character Evolution


In her original medium, Graves was a brunette of average strength and above-average intelligence. She was introduced as a former leader of a gang of thieves, who had stolen Luthor's briefcase. Impressed, he offered her employment, which she took. Their relationship was implied to be more than platonic in nature.

Modern Age

When introduced to the comics, Graves became a blonde, and was an Amazon, having above-average strength, agility, and other attributes common to Amazons. Dialogue in the comics supported this version of her past, and it was confirmed in Cry for Justice.

New 52

In the New 52 Graves appears to once again be human. This version of the character appears to be of Asian descent.

Major Story Arcs

No Man's Land

Graves appears as Luthor's bodyguard.

Secret Files: President Luthor

Graves and another bodyguard, Hope, are protecting Luthor when they encounter Circe, who they claim they can recognize regardless of the disguise she adopts. Circe turns the pair into birds, though they are eventually returned to human form


Graves appears alongside Luthor throughout 52. She is wounded after shooting at Steel, who attacks Luthor at a party. The bullets she fires at him are fired back at her via magnetic manipulation; the superheated metal burns her hand and wrist. She reappears soon after, apparently healed and still working for Luthor.

Infinity, Inc.

Taking the super name "Vanilla," Graves joins Infinity, Inc., wearing a special mask to prevent Luthor and others in her regular life from recognizing that it's her. She leaves the group shortly after nearly beating a man to death, realizing that she isn't cut out to be a hero.

Justice League

Mercy is one of Luthor's employees who is entrusted with the day-to-day management of his company following his acceptance into the Justice League.

Powers and Abilities

Graves has no known superhuman powers or abilities. She is a very skilled hand-to-hand fighter, and shows proficiency with a wide variety of weapons.

Other Media


Superman: Brainiac Attacks

Graves appears in this direct-to-video animated film. Her appearance resembles the DCAU version of the character. She is voiced by Tara Strong.

Superman: Doomsday

Mercy Graves in Superman: Doomsday
Mercy Graves in Superman: Doomsday

Graves works for Luthor, who accidentally finds Doomsday while doing illegal digging. He asks her to cover up any connection between Doomsday and LexCorp. When she has done so, he shoots her in the head, to ensure that there are absolutely no links back to him. Her appearance resembles the Amazonian version of the character. She is voiced by Cree Summer.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Tao Okamoto as Mercy Graves in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice
Tao Okamoto as Mercy Graves in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

Mercy appears as Luthor's assistant. Like her depiction in The Batman, she is of Asian descent. She is portrayed by Tao Okamoto.

The Death of Superman

Mercy in The Death of Superman
Mercy in The Death of Superman

Mercy appears in the movie. voiced by Erica Luttrell.



Mercy in the DCAU
Mercy in the DCAU

Similar to Harley Quinn, Graves originated in the DCAU, and immigrated to comic continuity after her character proved popular. She first appeared in Superman: the Animated Series, in the episode "A Little Piece of Home," and appeared in numerous other episodes. In the series, she was Lex Luthor's chauffeur and bodyguard, and also acted as his personal assistant. After Luthor was revealed as a supervillain and had to leave LexCorp for prison, she was handed control of the company, a fact revealed in the Justice League episodes "Tabula Rasa" and "Tabula Rasa Part II". Though dismissive of Luthor's plight when he comes to her for help, and full of her own achievements as head of the company, she proves ultimately loyal, and aids him in evading the Justice League. This loyalty doesn't extend much further, however, and she refuses to speak with him after he is arrested. She also appears in the Justice League Unlimited episode "Clash," again working for Luthor. She is played in all her DCAU appearances by Lisa Edelstein.

The Batman

Graves appears in the episode "The Batman/Superman Story, Part One" as Lex Luthor's right-hand woman. She is Asian rather than a white blonde. She fights Batman and Robin, but is defeated after Luthor betrays her. She is voiced by Gwendoline Yeo.


 Tess Mercer in Smallville
Tess Mercer in Smallville

A character who shares some similarity with Graves appears in Smallville. She is a combination character, created through an amalgamation of Graves, Eve Teschmacher, and Lena Luthor. Her birth name was Lutessa Lena Luthor, but she is more commonly known in the series as Tess Mercer. She is also referred to by Oliver Queen, with whom she has a romantic fling, as Mercy. She makes her first appearance in "Plastique." She is portrayed by Cassidy Freeman

Young Justice

Graves appears as Luthor's assistant and bodyguard in the episode "Targets." She is apparently a cyborg, or possibly an android, as she has an energy weapon concealed in her right arm, and possibly other modifications that go unexplored in the episode. She does not speak during her appearance.

Video Games

Superman: Shadow of Apokolips

Graves makes an appearance as the bodyguard and chauffeur of Luthor. She is voiced by Lauren Tom.


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