Mercury and X-23

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A lot of students started to treat X-23 differently after they learned about her being a part of Wolverine's X-Force. How do you think Mercury is going to react when she finds out? Do you think it can change their relationship, or Mercury will demonstrate the same devotion to her friend?

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Since everyone on Utopia knows about it, then chances are Mercury does too...  Sadly, I bet that this is one of those "we can't show everything on-anel, you have to assume it's happened off-panel" moments from Marvel.  If you ask me, that's just lazy "writing".

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yeah i mean cessily is not seen in a long time. why would marvel use her now

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Unlike other students Cessily had a real bond to I think Cessily wouldv get over herself pretty quickly about it. I mean SHE of all people wouldv asked her to stay..I think its why they didint show her cause they were planning to ship X-23 to Avengers Academy

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