Mercury Team

    Team » Mercury Team appears in 7 issues.

    Team made up of special forces bonded with the split up symbiotes from Hybrid.

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    Hybrid a.k.a. Scott Washington was separated from his symbiote, which in turn was dis-amalgamated into its four separate entities. Each symbiote was bonded with a special forces member and teamed together as a back up plan against Carnage, "Contingency B". They were funded due to the Venom debacle since "special forces don't go AWOL." When the symbiotes we're extracted from Washington they were left in a catontonic state so there is no risk of bonding.


    Mercury Team was created by Zeb Wells and Clayton Crain.



    Chief Petty Officer Marcus Simms: 10th Special Forces group. Target Desination. Assigned Bio-weapon: Symbiotically enhanced war dog: Lasher. Lasher augments and helps the user control the war dog.

    Lieutenant James Murphy: Navy Seal, Heavy Munitions. Assigned Bio-weapon: Agony. Agony transfers weight of a weapon directly too ground, giving the user the abilty to carry heavy artillery easily.

    Lieutenant Rico Axelson: Navy Seal, Sniper. Assigned Bio-weapon: Phage. Phage allows the user to hit targets from impossibly far distances (for a normal sniper).

    Petty Officer Howard Ogden: Marsoc. Reconnaissance, Direct Action. Assigned Bio-weapon: Riot. Riot lets the user move quickly and silently as well as wall-climbing.

    Major Story Arcs

    Carnage USA

    Mercury Team was formed surrounding the incident with Agent Venom, however they are being dispatched to handle Carnage during his abduction of the small town of Doverton, Colorado.


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