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When the anti-hero known as Solo used the identity of Deadpool (and made it popular), it got Deadpool thinking to start his own team of Deadpool heroes. Hoping to increase his popularity, Deadpool gathered a group of questionable anti-heroes, among them Solo, Foolkiller, Slapstick, Terror Inc. and the true hero known as Stingray. At first the team was simply named "Heroes for Hire", but that was not agreed upon by the original founder of the Heroes for Hire, Luke Cage. It was then that the team switched names to "The Mercs for Money".


The Mercs for Money first appeared (although not named) in Deadpool Vol.4 issue 1 (2016).

Major Story Arcs

The Mercs for Money

After the team changed it names, it continued to do missions for money. Some of them where quiestionable. Especially the one when they where tasked to bring in a young mutant girl codnamed Negasonic Teenage Warhead. They where told that she was brought in to help her, but actually she was used in experiments. This and other problems caused extreme tension in the group. Eventually, the original group disbannded and left Deadpool to try and rectify their last mission all by himself. He went to the facility where he dropped of Negasonic Teenage Warhead and tried to free her. He was easily bested and thrown out of the facility, but then found a new group of heroes whom turned out to be the new Mercs for Money.

Enter Domino: The new Mercs


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