Merayn Dethalis

    Character » Merayn Dethalis appears in 55 issues.

    A former Darkstar from Bavacqua Seven, Merayn was once romantically linked to Ferrin Colos and John Stewart.

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    Hailing from the planet of Bavacqua Seven. She was recruited by the controllers to fill the void left in her sector after the green lantern corps was destroyed by Hal Jordan.

    Her sector bordered that of fellow Darkstar Ferrin Colos with whom she grew very close over the years. At first they were friends and later they shared a relationship. It didn't last however and she later fell in love with former Green Lantern John Stewart of Earth.

    When the Controllers withdrew their power from the Darkstars only those members whose suits were self powered remained active. Among those were John Stewart who took over leadership of the group, herself, some former Green Lanterns and Donna Troy. Donna was sent to Earth to recruit other heroes to protect Rann, the projected target of the unknown invasion force trampling through the galaxy. On Rann the Darkstars and Adam Strange fought against the forces of Grayven, the third son of Darkseid. The Darkstars were hopelessly outnumbered and it wasn't until the timely arrival of Donna and Kyle Rayner that the tide turned against the invasion force.

    Grayven had seriously injured John Stewart and it was only Kyle's efforts and a nearby Zeta Beam that defeated Grayven. Merayn, Donna and John quit the Darkstars (there were only 4 active members remaining after the attack) and returned to Earth with the injured John Stewart. On earth she befriended Jade, Kyle's girlfriend, and Guy Gardner. When Kyle stayed in space to try and stop Black Circle Syndicate, Merayn encouraged Jade to start dating other people. After John became Green Lantern of Earth, Merayn has issues trying to find her place in the human world. After taking a position in a secret government agency, Merayn left John.

    Skills and abilities

    Merayn is trained in the unarmed combat of her planet and received further training while a Darkstar. She also had enhanced hearing due to her large ears.

    Physical characteristics

    Eyes: Yellow

    Hair : Black

    Height: 5'9

    Weight: unknown


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