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    Merman is one of the Evil Warriors, he controls the water and aquatic life-forms. He's not too loyal to Skeletor.

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    This entry is for the He-Man villain Mer-man. For the Wonder Woman ally see Mer-Man.


    Mer-Man was a citizen of Atlantea. When he was 25, he was arrested and found guilty of numerous crimes, including murder. He was sentenced to be executed for his crimes.

    Mer-Man escaped on the day of his execution by overpowering the guards while they were distracted. He went to a small lagoon, where he survived by stealing food from travelers. Once he tried to rob a Horde group led by Leech. The 2 fought and were equally matched until the fight led to underwater where Mer-Man gained the upper hand. At the end of the fight he was captured by Hordak. Impressed by Mer-Man's abilities, Hordak hired him immediately.

    Hordak placed Mer-Man under Keldor. After they were defeated from an unsuccessful attack on Eternia, Keldor was transformed into Skeletor. Mer-Man remained loyal to Skeletor, even when he turned against Hordak.

    Free from Hordak, Skeletor decided to conquer Eternia himself, one section at a time if he had to. Upon a previous agreement with Mer-Man, Skeletor made Mer-Man king of Atlantea.

    Major Story Arcs

    Icon of Evil

    He-Man and Masters of the Universe (2012)


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