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The aquatic member of the Justice-9 from Earth-36.


Mer-man was created by Grant Morrison and Evan Shaner. His first appearance was in The Multiversity Guidebook #1.


Mer-man is based on the Atomic Sub, the Big Bang Comics analogue of Aquaman. He was a briliant scientist who discovered a special chemical formula fro a synthetic blood that allowed for underwater adaptation and after an accident, his mind was placed inside a near indestructible cyborg body, fueled by the formula.

The Multiversity Guidebook

Mer-Man appears in this issue as member of Justice-9, the Earth-36 analogue of Round Table of America (which is in turn based on Justice League of America). Earth-36 is an analogue of the Big Bang Comics Earth.

Powers & Abilities

Not all of Mer-man's powers have been revealed, but they resemble Aquaman's and the Atomic Sub's powers.

Superhuman Strength

Mer-man possesses superhuman strength.

Superhuman Durability

Mer-man possesses a cyborg body with superhuman durability.

Superhuman Swimming Speed

Mer-man can swim at superhuman speeds.

Superhuman Senses

Mer-man possesses superhuman sight, due to his cyborg body.

Underwater Adaptation

He can function normally underwater and is able to withstand the high pressures and extreme temperatures of the deep. He can also function on land normally.


He can fly at high speeds, with the aid of his cyborg modifications.


He has the ability to track objects underwater with the sonar in his hands.


He is long lived and his cyborg body doesn't age.

Expert Scientist

He is a genius scientist that worked against the Nazis, and has created a number of scientific marvels, like his cyborg body and synthetic blood.

Weapons and Equipment


He wears a distinct helmet that only exposes the front of his face, similar to the Atomic Sub.


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