Mephisto: Devil or Shapeshifting Entity?

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I was playing the game Marvel:Ultimate Alliance, and was talking to Vision about Mephisto, and he said that contrary to popular belief, Mephisto is not actually a Demon, he is a Shapeshifting Entity. Now whether this is true or not is a debate for another day, but i wonder is this a good or a bad thing? In my opinion, i like that idea, because lets face it, Deal making Devil is so damned cliched, i think Mephisto being something bigger then that actually makes him more threatening and much cooler. But what do you guys think is the better idea?

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The problem here is defining spiritual terms gets very murcky. One person's god is another person's demon. Technically speaking, Mephisto is a shapeshifting alien entity. He would meet all those details perfectly. He is also a demon.

Frankly, I don't count him as a demon. Many lower-ranking demons can make the "deal with the devil" bit. I think he is perfect as a hell-lord. He is a personification of evil and that is fine. He is more than a mere demon. As he once described himself he is the lord of demons and ultimate monster. That makes him much more threatening and cooler than being a mere demon. The problem is writers who sometimes treat him like a joke.

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