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Mephista is a powerful demon and the daughter of the powerful hell lord Mephisto. Although possessing immense power she is relatively young and inexperienced. One of Mephista's first forays to Earth involved claiming the soul of the Earth sorcerer Baron Mordo. Sent by her father, Mephista would find that the hell lord Satannish also had claims to Baron Mordo's soul. She would have to breach the Earths Sorcerer Supreme, Doctor Strange's sphere of containment to find and claim to Mordo who was trapped inside it. Although she was able to easily dismiss Doctor Strange's attempts to stop her, she was unable to break into the containment sphere. Then she would find herself face to face with the powerful Satannish. The threat Satannish would present would be grave enough for Mephista to team up with Doctor Strange in order to stop him from acquiring the containment sphere. Yet the two would fail to stop Satannish who would depart taking the containment sphere with him, planning to break in back in his own native realm. During this time Mephista would develop a small crush on Doctor Strange. Mephista would have no choice but to report her failure to her father Mephisto who was considerably angered by this failing and loss. Mephisto, not one to appreciate losing, would prepare for battle and confrontation against his rival Satannish, venting frustration at Doctor Strange unaware of his daughters feelings towards the Sorcerer Supreme. As such Mephista was secretly relieved when her father would only imprison Strange in a sphere instead of destroy him. Mephista would accompany her father to confront Satannish.


Mephista is a Marvel comic book character created by Roy Thomas, Dann Thomas, Jackson Guice and Jose Marzan Jr. The character first appears in Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme #6 released in 1989.

Major Story Arcs

Mephisto Vs Satannish

During the clash between the two hell lords, Mephista would leave her fathers side to travel to Doctor Strange's residence hoping to destroy Mordo's physical body, ensuring his soul could not return to it. She would come across Rintrah and Topaz, an apprentice and associate of Strange. Mephista would find both easy to overcome and defeat, however Doctor Strange would appear and he would be more successful in his battle with Mephista this time around, trapping Mephisto's daughter into the Ruby of Cyttorak where she would fall into a deep slumber. Strange would go on to threaten Mephisto and Satannish into merging both demonic entities together, and the risk for both powerful demons, to lose their sentience was too great. Both would relinquish their claims on Mordo's soul.


She is looking to team up with the Isolationist to destroy all mutants. She works with the Celtic Goddess of War and Death, Morrigan.

Powers and Abilities

Mephista possesses supernatural levels of strength, stamina, speed, durability, and energy manipulation. A demon, she possesses the ability to generate and manipulate mystical blasts. She possesses the ability to possess others as well as teleport, shape shift and travel through dimensions. She is a potent spell caster that can duel effectively with the Sorcerer Supreme Stephen Strange. Mephista requires no conventional sustenance such as food or rest, as well as being highly resistant to conventional forms of injury and disease. Mephista is immune to aging and functionally immortal. Mephista possesses a prehensile tail. Mephista is relatively young and inexperienced and as such her power and use of power may grow with time and use.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 5' 10"

Weight: 125 lbs

Eyes: Red

Hair: Red


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