Mentallium Man

    Character » Mentallium Man appears in 2 issues.

    One of the most powerful enemies of Flex Mentallo.

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    As with many other enemies of Flex Mentallo we only heard about them in small spurs as Mentallo remembers his forgotten past. What we do hear about him is that in the final battle with the deadly Mentallium Man and his orbiting heads of Shocking Pink, Silver, Ultraviolet, lethal Black M and Lamb & Turkey Mentallium spheres. " Part-man, part-robot, part product of a world that wouldn't care, he was surely one of the most terrifying faces in my rogue's gallery." What to make of this is clearly a strange mix of minerals, robot and human as to what powers he had one could not know.

    Powers and Abilities

    Mentallium Man had five types of Mentallium where his head should be. Mentallium has a different effect on Flex depending on the type:

    • Black kills him.
    • Pink causes Flex want to talk about issues related to gender and sexuality.
    • Silver robs Flex's sense of humor.
    • Ultraviolet transforms Flex into anybody else and gave him flase memories to make him think he is that person.
    • Lamb and Turkey was mentioned, but no effect was given for this type.

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