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    Pamela was the first Menagerie and recruited by Manchester Black into The Elite. Her sister Sonja was later recruited into the Justice League Elite by Vera Black after Pam was put out of commission.

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    Two sisters with alien symbiotes that provide them with a range of abilities. Both were members of different versions of The Elite, with the second, Sonja, also being a member of the Justice League Elite.

    Character Evolution

    Pam was the first Menagerie, and then after her defeat, Sonja took up her sister's mantle.

    Major Story Arcs

    Justice League Elite

    Sonja joins the Justice League Elite. While trying to infiltrate The Blood Brothers, Sonja uses her bugs to listen to and track Deathstroke, who is really Vera Black in disguise. Then later in the presence of Lars and Tomas Blood, Sonja fights with the rest for a spot on the Blood Brother's team. Sonja appears to be shot by Deathstroke, but again it is a ruse to get Vera onto the Blood Brother's team.

    Later, while on a recon mission with Coldcast, Sonja explains that she is on the team to hurt bad men because it "feels funny inside" to hurt other bad men. This leads to Coldcast and Sonja hitting it off and later having sex.

    Later, on a mission to catch Sundeath, Sonja uses her acid blood to melt off the hand of Lars Blood. Then later, when the team is wrapping up everything, President Baht is killed but no one seems to know how or who did it.

    Later, back in the States, Sonja goes to see her sister Pam, who is in a coma due to Manchester Black.

    The Aftermath

    Sonja uses her creatures to produce a toxin much like Aftermath's new street drug so that half the JLE can go undercover into his gang. Sonja is then part of the team that goes into space to rescue the undercover team. During this mission, Sonja seems to get jealous of Coldcast and Kasumi's relationship. Then when Manchester Black releases the Worlogog, Sonja disappears.

    Eve of Destruction

    During Kasumi's investigation into President Baht's death, she learns that Coldcast is framed and it was Sonja's creatures that mind-controlled him into committing the murder.

    Vera Black then finds Sonja on a beach. There Sonja admits to destroying the team because she still blames Vera for what Manchester did to her sister, Pam. The JLE then uses their collective powers to capture Sonja.

    Sonja is taken to the Justice League Watchtower, where she is separated from her creatures. It is like a heroin addict on withdrawal times infinity plus one, according to Green Arrow. Their intent is for her to be tried for killing Baht.

    In Other Media


    The original Menagerie appeared in the animated film Superman vs. The Elite.

    The Animated Elite
    The Animated Elite



    Menagerie debuts in the 12th episode of season 4, a Valentine's Day-themed episode called "Menagerie." Pamela Ferrer (Jessica Meraz) is a jewel thief who is bonded with an alien symbiote. The alien is snakelike and can summon snakes to attack enemies.


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