Men of War: Uneasy Company #1

    Men of War: Uneasy Company » Men of War: Uneasy Company #1 - Volume 1 released by DC Comics on July 2012.

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    On the ground and on the front lines, a young, headstrong soldier known as JOE ROCK assumes command of EASY COMPANY – a team of ex-military men turned contractors. From today’s battlefields come these tales of war against terrorism. Collects the entire eight-issue run of MEN OF WAR!

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    Josep Rock is the grandson of the World War II hero Sgt. Rock. He's a soldier's soldier, chosen for a mission outside the ordinary bounds of war. Rock and the rest of Easy Company drop into enemy territory and complete their directives with near invisibility.

    Easy Company is made up of some of the finest men in the Armed Services...and yet, they are only men. But in this war, there is more to fear than just insurgents and terrorist. There are super humans who can set a whole city ablazer, mysterious immortal soldiers and even member of Rock's own team who are far more than they seem.

    And if theere's one thing all these super beings have in's that they're going to make Easy Company's missions --- already anything but easy --- even deadlier.

    Gritty war realism meets super-heroic action in MEN OF WAR_ UNEASY COMPANY (collecting issues #1-8), courtesy of writer IVAN BRANDON (FINAL CRISIS AFTERMATH: ESCAPE) and artist TOM DERENICK (SHADOWPACT) with help from all-star creators JAMES ROBINSON, JEFF LEMIRE, MATT KINDT, J.T. KRUL, PHIL WINSLADE, SCOTT KOLINS, PATRICK SCHERBERG and others.


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