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Going Out With a Bellow of Glory

While this is definitely the least abstract cover on the series, it still easily holds a candle to the rest. This cover shows you how easy it can be to turn a simple image into a compelling one; as long as you have a good concept in mind. The sepia tone and the blood lines turn what could be a simple picture of Frankenstein front and center, into something old, faded, and tainted. It just 'feels' like it came from a time since passed. Plus its awesome.

And that can pretty much summarize my feelings about this issue. I could talk a bit about some of the deeper undertones of the idea of a monster and the purity of friendship. I could talk about the horrors of war or the simplicity of war. I could talk about the full dedication to the idea of WWII set in the DC Universe as this series has so encompassed the idea of gritty war in the DC Universe. I could even talk about how fans of Frankenstein's current series will recognize the subtleties that show how these characters are a bit different this long ago.

But I probably wont. I'll tell you that the art felt halfway between the usual art for this series, and the art on Frankenstein: Agent of S.H.A.D.E. But more than that, I'll tell you this, and this is the defining reason why I liked this issue.

Because it was awesome.

I'm not saying it was 100% adrenaline devoid of depth. I'm pretty sure that second paragraph explains how this is anything but shallow. But my reasons for enjoying this issue definitely are. It was just so damn awesome. Page 4 had Frankenstein piloting some WWII plane bellowing "Surrender Nazi scum, or Frankenstein will ride the lightning of vengeance right down your foul throats!" And it only gets better from there.

In Conclusion: 5/5

Do you really need to know more? This wasn't the most mind blowing or soul searching comic, and it wasn't even close to it. But it was just so much fun to read, I fail to find any real flaws. Ok, Frank looked a bit off in a few panels, but so what? It still embodied the full spirit of the series, and it was completely and utterly epic.

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