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Known knowns and Creatures of the Unknown

As Men of War draws to a close of its title it leaves us with a weird but satisfying taste in our mouths. We see how the events of history have unfolded due to the helping hand of the S.H.A.D.E organization with Father Time, Frankenstein and his bride at the helm. It's always fun to think of what really happened in the past and how it affects the characters of today. Frankenstein is still as zealot and righteous as ever, although seeing him in a fighter plane with a vintage poster girl of his wife on the side is too priceless. Soaring through the skies Frankenstein delivers due justice to Nazis bombing London, England in December of 1941. A world way in the Pacific theater of war The Bride is covertly gaining information on the Japanese and their intentions in the war. Of course in the end what better way for Frankenstein and his bride to fight a war than with an interesting version of the G.I.Robot. Even though Frankenstein rarely gets battlefield companions, robotic ones at that, they fight a common enemy. Father Time all the while is doing what he does best, working behind the monsters. And what would a war be without a giant abyssal creature? An easier war I guess. All in all this wrap up cross over made a good impact in my view. Pleasing to fans of both titles I would recommend a definite read.

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