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I do like female characters in comic books, something which the first issue was lacking.  there is the biased part of me that gives me more to relate to, but I think in a more objective sense it also lends itself to better balance in storytelling.  Unfortunately after the first issue the presence of Circe here only adds to my confusion in general about this series.  The characterizations are better here as Rock's background is explored in more detail, but after some decent effort toward that end it descends back it into a cliched vignette of life at war.  When Circe first shows up it is almost as though the entire issue is admitting that there is not really much holding the issue or the concept of the series together.  Circe appears more or less as she never has before and her actions are as inexplicable as they seem to be relevant.  The backup Navy SEALS story is better but really doesn't do itself justice by its one sided approach.  

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