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I am not really sure what to make of this series based off of the first issue.  It is an interesting concept, looking as it does at modern war, a subject which has come to dominate mass media in the past ten years.  The lens here is of course on soldiers in a comic book world though and thus contrasts their experiences alongside some of those of heroes 9Superman makes a brief and blurry appearance).  That having been said though the book is confusing at times as it resorts to cliches (the young veteran with potential to lead but who can't follow orders) and throws around army terms for the uninitiated (which felt weirder with the acronyms described in a few panels.)  Overall, I am left a little conflicted and a very much confused, the effect on me was not one of appreciation for the warriors but questions about what they are doing there in the first place when there are Kryptonians present.  Mostly this feels like some sort of weird version of Gotham Central except with more cliches and less character development.  The backup Navy SEALS story doesn't help much either.  

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I'm just feeling that this title is really out of place in the relaunch. It's not necessarily bad, it's just an odd choice, these sorts of books are simply not my cup of tea

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    The Good: The cover is REALLY cool, definitely one of my favorites so far. Effective and engaging. The art is really great at being real and gritty without going too far into standard and boring territory. There's an amazing section at the beginning. We see Rock in midst of a battle, and then cut to a meeting with him and 2 higher ranking officials. Rock is firm in his position as one of the men tries to pry some answers out of him. Suddenly something he says catches Rock off guard, his facial e...

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