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    The Men in Black is an organization that polices and monitors events which should remain unknown to the public. They work in secret, covering their tracks to make sure people do not know of their existence.

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    In the Martin Mystere universe, the Men in Black are an obscure sect that, since the dawn of civilization, has been determined to hide or destroy everything that could overturn the "established" way of thinking.

    Movie Comic

    The Men In Black was written by Lowell Cunningham, and illustrated by Sandy Carruthers. The comic was originally in black and white. Agent Jay was also originally white, after the movie was released, the movie adaption comics followed the black Jay similar to the movie. Aircel Comics published a three issues in 1990. The rights to the Men In Black were then bought by Malibu Comics, which was then bought out by Marvel Comics.

    The Men In Black was made into a movie in 1997 starring Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith. The movie was such a big success that Marvel Comics released three one-shot issues. The issues were entitled Far Cry (retelling of the original Men in Black), a movie adaption, and Retribution (sequel to the movie adaption).


    Since MIB has contacts all over the galaxy and confiscate a large number of different technologies from illegal aliens, they have a higher level of technology than the rest of the human populace. MIB Agents are generally equipped with various energy weapons from large plasma cannons, energy pistols, and the Noisy Cricket. Agents typically drive black sedans named LTD's that have acquired alien technology. Agents are equipped with various handheld tools to detect and investigate crime scenes.

    List of Agents (Across all Media)

    • Agent A - Former first head of MIB, Alpha would get greedy and use a Cosmic Integrator to incorporate alien parts into his own body to achieve immortality. Alpha was Agent K's mentor and left him for dead when he left MIB. Alpha would later return in numerous plots to achieve immortality and destroy MIB, eventually becoming a cyborg
    • Agent C - MIB agent assigned to the underwater sector that contains the Lost City of Atlantis.
    • Agent D - Agent K's former partner and a founding member of MIB. Agent D would be neurolyzed by Agent K and retire to Florida.
    • Agent E - MIB's Hollywood agent who secures aliens ,who wish to purse acting careers, jobs. E acts like a typical Hollywood agent.
    • Agent Ecks - In the original comic series Ecks went rogue after learning MIB's role in shaping the future of Earth instead of simply protecting it.
    • Agent H - One of the founding members of MIB, Agent H is responsible for the medical equipment that MIB uses.
    • Agent J - The rookie agent, in the original comic series a while male though retconned to a black male after Will Smith's portrayal in the Men in Black movie. Former member of the NYPD.
    • Agent K - One of the founding members of members, K was the youngest member and is the current mentor to Agent J.
    • Agent L - Former head of science at MIB, Agent L would later become a field agent.
    • Agent O - A former secretary and current agent of MIB.
    • Agent P- In the animated series a rookie agent partnered with Agent T. noted for having good teamwork after two weeks of training.
    • Agent Q - One of the founding members of MIB, Agent Q is responsible for most of the technology MIB uses.
    • Agent T - One of the founding members of MIB.
    • Agent U - Average MIB Agent who constantly kissed up to Zed. Agent J correctly guesses U's name as Upton. Agent U commonly teaches alien children to act human.
    • Zed - Current head chief of MIB. Zed has the diplomatic relations and hands out all agents to their jobs.

    Alien Employees

    • Agent Aileen - A female blue skinned humanoid who had a romantic relationship with Agent Kay. Aileen is noted has the best law enforcement officer on her planet like Agetn Kay is on Earth. She can change her fingers into tentacles and has many scars from previous battles and cases. She lost her previous poarnter to a shapeshifting creature called an inanimate.
    • Agent Eidi - Aileen's new partner and a rookie agent back on her home planet.
    • Agent F - Frank The Pug, a remoolian in disguise as a pug.
    • Agent X
    • Dr. Zan'dozz Zeeltor
    • Edgar the Bug Clone
    • Klah'Mikk
    • The Twins (Idikiukup and Bob)
    • Zanzar Canucus (Troy)

    Other Media



    The Men in Black were enforcers to the Syndicate and were less reliable than their alien bounty hunters, though the hunters were used less often due to risk of exposure. The Men in Black were all former Special Operations members and, with the exception of a few, had no civilian identities.

    Danny Phantom

    The Men in Black are parodied in this TV show as the "Guys in White", a government organization dedicated to policing and monitoring ghosts. They have similar advanced equipment though are shown to have to a lot of paperwork.


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