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Brief History

As a member of gene nation he grew up in the Darwinist world of “the Hill” ruled over by the mad mutant Mikhail Rasputin. It is unknown if he was in anyway involved in the first wave of gene nationals who arrived on Earth to kill humans on the eve of the Mutant Massacre or if he was one of the many transported from the hill by Mikhail under threat from the Morlocks former leader Storm.

What is known is that along with Vessel, Hemingway, Iron Maiden, Obsidian the black, fever pitch and integer they worked under Dark Beast who they identified as “the first”. Under his orders Membrain and his fellow gene nationals were placed in direct opposition to Generation-X. Membrain was pivotal to their success as he used his powers to make telepathic contact with the mutants and displayed their location to the others. He then single handedly took down Generation-X’s two most powerful members the mutants M and Synch.

Once they were returned to Dark Beast he camouflaged himself and waited a rescue team, unfortunately for him he was discovered by Emma Frost and with a quick psi-blast was rendered inert. He has not been seen since perhaps killed in the ensuing explosion or empowered by M-Day


Body composed completely of Psi-Sensitive mucus membrane. He has low level telepathy shown by how he made telepathic contact with Generation X while they were unaware. He can also display images from peoples minds and his own on his mucus whether its on his body or not. He can also blend into his background as seen when he tried to ambush Emma Frost. He can also shut people’s minds down but its far easier if he gets his mucus on them, Synch remarked that it felt like the mucus went into his mind. As a being composed of mucus he could also reduce himself to a liquid state to fit into small places or flow like water. He also had some degree of superhuman strength as he was able to carry two full grown people easily with no apparent strain. His body composition also afforded him resistance to physical injury.

Physical Attributes

Eyes: luminescent green 
Hair: none
Height: unknown 
Weight: unknown

Alternate Realities

He has not appeared in any alternate realities to date.

Other Media

He has not appeared in any other medium besides comics. Character bio and power stats done.


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