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In the tomb of the pharaoh of the same name, Memakata was found by Mark Merlin and his girlfriend Elsa when Mark accidentally switched his mind into Memakata's body using an ancient amulet. She was taken in by Mark and Elsa, and became their pet.


Memakata was created by Arnold Drake and Mort Meskin. She made her first appearance in House of Secrets #60

Major Story Arcs

House of Secrets

Memakata sometimes accompanies her owners on investigations, during which her body is occasionally used as a safe haven to house Mark's consciousness in times of danger. Following Mark's death, she transfers to the ownership of Prince Ra-Man.

Whatever Happened to Mark Merlin and Prince Ra-Man?

Ra-Man's spirit becomes entrapped in Memakata's body, while she is placed in suspended animation in his body. Her mind is returned to her body when Ra-Man is able to get the help of Elsa.

Powers and Abilities

Memakata appears to be an ordinary cat when she is not subject to the cat-charm.

Weapons and Equipment

When near the cat-charm, Memakata's mind will be switched with whoever is wielding the charm. Her spirit inhabits their comatose body until they switch back.


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