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    Chris Colchiss, or Melter, is a mutant with the power to melt any substance. He wishes to be a hero but isn't sure what is required of him to be one.

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    Christopher, or more often Chris, had a good up bringing until he discovered his mutant powers that enabled him to destabilise molecules and effectively melt any solid object with a thought. At a young age, he accidentally killed his parents with his powers and this experience scarred him and led to him being hesitant to use his powers in later life.

    Despite this, years later, he was recruited by Coat of Arms to join and lead a new team of Young Avengers.


    The "Young Melter" first appeared in the Young Avengers #1, under the Dark Reign banner, in 2009 and was created by Paul Cornell and Mark Brooks. His namesake is a reference to the Iron Man villain and former Master of Evil member of the same name also called Melter created by Stan Lee, Steve Ditko and Don Heck.

    Character Evolution

    Young Chris melts his parents
    Young Chris melts his parents

    Melter was an uneasy mutant with the ability to melt solid objects. Despite his initial alliance with some questionable superhumans, he was morally strong with a firm grasp and understanding of right and wrong. He was chosen to be leader to his group of Young Avengers as he was the only one among them who would ask questions like "what gives them to right to do what they do?". He tries to emulates famous heroes, like Captain America and Wolverine, and disagrees with the team when they kill criminals. However, he is largely unwilling to correct the team of their mistakes, instead letting them pass.

    Melter left the group, due to the moral differences, following the dawn of the Heroic Age. Although oddly enough he next, and currently, appears in Invincible Iron Man where his characterisation has seemingly been completely ignored in favor of making him a cocky young villain opposing Iron Man and working for the Mandarin. It's worth noting, Chris isn't the only of Mandarin's goons who have been portrayed in a manner that is a total U-turn as former Thunderbolt Blizzard has without reason (re)turned to crime alongside him. It is worth noting that Blizzard has suggested that Mandarin has placed some sort of bomb inside of them however which may be the reason for Chris' acting weird.

    Major Story Arcs

    Dark Reign

    The Young Masters
    The Young Masters

    Chris was approached by Coat of Arms to be the leader of a new group of superheroes. Despite having doubts about the team, mostly due to their differing views on morality, Chris took up the role as leader of their Young Avengers. Although most the team were not too interested in being the selfless heroes that Chris aspired them to be, particularly the Executioner who was far more extreme in his views of superheroics, he found a some what loosely "kindred spirit" in Sylvie Lushton - the Enchantress. Although she wasn't quite as "innocent" as he believed, the two pursued a romantic relationship together.

    The team came to public prominence after foiling a robbery, in which two of the thieves were actually killed, and Melter accidentally killed an old lady who mistook him for a mugger when he couldn't control his powers.

    After an encounter with the real Young Avengers, the team were disappointed at the lack of approval from their peers. Changing their name to the Young Masters, a slightly bitter Melter made the decision to contact Norman Osborn to make a deal to become a HAMMER-sponsored young superhero team and help apprehend the real Young Avengers. Sharply regretting his decision, Osborn and his Avengers showed up and surprisingly got their butts kicked by the Young Masters. Even Osborn's powerhouse the Sentry found himself defeated (with some help from the Young Avenger known as Wiccan).

    The Heroic Age

    With Norman Osborn's Dark Reign over, and a new age of heroes, the team were divided about what next to do, fearing they weren't quite as heroic and "squeaky clean" as the other heroes. In his new position as the Head of Security, Steve Rogers believed the Young Masters could benefit from actively joining the Avengers Academy or Thunderbolts programs, although he also wished to see Melter receive trial and punishment for triple manslaughter charges and the other Young Masters face the necessary punishments for their crimes.

    Following Loki's apparent death, Sylvie needed some form of treatment that the team could not afford. While debating their future, and how to handle their young Enchantress' predicament, spurred by some words of encouragement from the young Avenger Patriot and inspiration from Thor, Chris, Sylvie and Coat of Arms made the decision to leave the team. The remaining Young Masters recruited new members such as Radioactive Kid and a Black Knight and pursued more villainous deeds, unbeknownst to them, under the watchful eye of the anarchist known as Zodiac. Big Zero also left the team sometime later. Meanwhile, Chris, Sylvie and Coat of Arms sought more honorable paths.

    Fear Itself

    In the wake of Fear Itself, Melter and Enchantress attended the debut of Prodigy's new Initiative team together - however neither appeared again suggesting they didn't join.

    Invincible Iron Man: Demon

    Chris returned much later in the employ of the Mandarin who extensively operated on Chris and developed a new suit for him to harness his powers. Despite his desire to be a hero, Chris has agreed to help the Mandarin in getting revenge on Iron Man although he, Blizzard and Living Laser may not entirely subscribe to Mandarin's desires as Blizzard noted that they all have had bombs placed within them to ensure co-operation.

    As Iron Man fought Whirlwind, Chris took to terrorizing Los Angeles with his powers, destroying cars and causing buildings to explode, leading to a confrontation with War Machine. After War Machine appeared to make short work of Chris with a single punch to the back of his head, Chris became agitated - and perhaps more out of anger for War Machine attacking him - unleashed a furious torrent of his powers melting down half of War Machine's armor. Melter then proceeded to attack the exposed armored hero with his bare fists and a timely interjection by Whirlwind and Living Laser only helped the battle in Chris' favor. As War Machine laid defeated on the ground, Chris spat in his face before Living Laser arrived and delivered the final blow. Chris left believing he had killed War Machine, quite proud of himself, although completely unaware that behind-the-scenes Ezekiel Stane does not trust Chris at all and was planning to sideline and kill him soon after.

    Invincible Iron Man: The Future

    A while later, the Mandarin had captured Tony Stark and, continuing the completely nonsensical take on the character, Melter started taunting and harassing Tony and throwing the word "retard" about. Tony Stark then kicked his ass telling him he was the worst Melter of them all. Melter responded by powering up which annoyed the Mandarin who decided to activate the bomb inside Melter's head. Stark saved him at the last minute because he was just a "idiot kid".


    New form
    New form

    As a mutant, Chris was welcome on Krakoa, however, he was one of the first law breakers on the mutant utopia, specifically the third law: "Protect this Sacred Land." He was practicing his unstable powers when he melted a small piece of Krakoa. Xavier confronted him because even though it appeared as practice, Xavier's telepathy proved that Chris was actually looking for the Quiet Council secret meeting place.

    He was locked up in The Pit, where prisoners were suspended by Krakoan vines with their minds trapped in a mind prison of Xavier's creation. However, when Sabretooth was imprisoned for killing humans, his angry psyche was able to take over the mind prison and manipulate it to convince his fellow prisoners to break out. Chris, who believed in Krakoa, actively worked against Creed's plans, so Creed "killed" him. Because it was a dream state, there was no dying. Instead, Chris was transformed into a molten metal version of himself.

    This psychic interruption caused physical trauma to the island, so Cypher made a deal with the prisoners. They would be released and exiled from Krakoa to stop their breakout attempts from hurting the land any further. They would be gifted a high tech yacht on which to live and travel. In addition, they would hunt Sabretooth down and use a special seed from Cypher on him.


    Krakoa's Exiles
    Krakoa's Exiles

    Using Third Eye's ability, Melter and his new de facto team of Exiles tracked Sabretooth to an Orchis island laboratory. There, Creed was being experimented on, leaving him weaker than usual. Creed managed to escape, but Orchis took Orphan-Maker in his place. Reluctantly, Creed joined these Exiles while they had an enemy in common.

    They mounted a rescue mission on yet another Orchis prison labortory, but Orphan-Maker's armor had been compromised, threatening to release potentially world ending energy levels. In an attempt to anesthetize him, Third Eye sent him and the rest of the Exiles to the astral plane. There, Melter leveraged the fact that Orphan-Maker thinks he's Human Torch to keep him calm, until Nanny and Madison could upgrade his armor.

    Afterward, there was one more prison they needed to liberate, keeping six powerful mutant newborns. In the process, Madison was killed, Sabretooth was abducted by Orchis again, and Nanny and Orphan-Maker decided to stay in the lab to care for the children free form Orchis. Melter and the others returned to the boat where they promised to care for the other prisoners they freed, who didn't feel welcome on Krakoa.

    Sabretooth War

    Wolverine slashes Melter
    Wolverine slashes Melter

    When Sabretooth was last abducted by Orchis, it was in service of his son, Graydon Creed, who had been hunting variants of his father across the multiverse. Creed was able to band together with variants to take Graydon out before recruiting more variants so that they can confront Wolverine on his next birthday. When he finally resurfaced, Third Eye sensed it, and Melter and the others decided to finally confront them. They missed their chance to use Cypher's seed the first time, and they will not make that mistake again.

    They tracked Creed and his Sabretooth Army to the Krakoa landmass, which had been abandoned since Orchis' attacked the Hellfire Gala sending mutants on the run. Their ship shapeshifted into a submarine so that they could get past the Sentinel guards. The team caught up with Creed, but, unfortunately, Sabretooth had killed Quentin Quire and was using his psychic powers to control Wolverine. He puppeteered Wolverine into cutting Melter in two,


    The Melter's name is derived from his abilities, he is capable of melting nearly any substance, from bullets, to the ground, and even people. He does not need to be touching the things he melts, but it seems like he needs to be in their immediate area. He seems to generate heat when he uses his powers. However, he lacks hardly any control with his powers, having melted through to a subway, and even melting an old lady at one point.


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