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    Melody Toon is a true sociopath who exists only to destroy. Her legendary cruelty is unparalleled, while the perfection of her voice simply acts as a lure to unsuspecting victims.

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    Melody Toon also known as Melody Masters also referred to colloquially as the Siren of Seduction, possesses a seductive personalty, and an incredible and harmonic singing voice. The femme fatale unfortunately also possessed many flawed character qualities, jealous, vindictive, bitter and cruel, she is also psychologically damaged and prone to lashing out and targeting others for harm. Rather than seek her goals with her natural talents, she turned to crime and petty behavior towards others, and with her super powered abilities, she would kill or harm those she felt were competing with her, or more beautiful or talented. Her voice could also manipulate and lure in others as well as compel people to have suicidal thoughts and urges. Her voice is said to be so unique and incredible that once heard it can not be forgotten. Melody Toon's enemies include the crime fighter Sable, the Gateway Army and all of First Force, who consist of Meridian, Nephilim, Warrior Woman, Silver Man, and Projector. Melody also seems to have a strong dislike of Sable's apprentice Mink.

    Melody Toon generally doesn't have any allies and almost balks at the idea when it sounds like Professor Hieronymus Higgens suggests it. Melody once also had a romantic relationship with the Manchurian although it ended very badly with Melody holding over a lot of bitterness and resentment towards the worlds most intelligent man.


    Melody Toon is a Boom! Studios published character that first appears in the 2012 series Deathmatch, appearing in its debut issue Deathmatch #1. Melody Toon is designed and created by writer Paul Jenkins and artists Carlos Magno and Michael Garland, writers and artists of the series.

    Character Evolution

    Melody Toon is one of the main antagonists in the Deathmatch comic series by Boom! Studios, appearing in the majority of the issues and being presented with a cruel and psychopathic personality. The character is crude and insulting, producing a lot of verbal barbs towards the more traditional heroic characters. Her powers could draw parallels to characters such as Black Canary, Siryn and Banshee. Melody develops a rivalry and antagonistic relationship with Mink.

    Major Story Arcs


    Melody Toon is one of the numerous superheroes, supervillains and neutrals abducted under mysterious circumstance and imprisoned in a supermassive enclosed structure, with no apparent reason. Thirty two in total, they have no memories of how they got to this location, who put them there, or who is affecting their powers and memories. Even more so Melody and her allies and enemies are being forced to fight systematically in a series of one on one death matches in which only one can survive before moving on. Mysterious and powerful guards composed of light also keep order and hostilities to a minimum between the diverse group, neutralizing any that might start physical fights that take place outside the death matches. The first death match was between Dragonfly and Apex with Dragonfly the victor, followed by Dog 54-Alpha and George Truman, Omni-Engine killing Supercollider and Sol Invictus killing Replic 8. Melody's first match is the last to take place, so it gives her more time available than most of the other combatants. Professor Hieronymus Higgens suggests that they should form a temporary alliance with the heroes, given that he doubts he could perform against a participant like the Meridian. Melody questions whether he would want to go against her to which the Professor declines.

    Power Outage

    Before she could even participate in her first death match, the Siren of Seduction Melody would get a chance to wreak havoc when the power to the facility imprisoning them all is cut off by the actions of Hieronymus Higgens during his death match with Sable. With no light guards to stop them or none of their powers nullified, Melody goes on a rampage and decides to attack and victimize the gentle giant Nephilim. Using her powers she is able to levitate him and hold him in place, but she is interrupted by Mink and Sol Invictus. She casually tosses Nephilim away and starts to mock and patronize Mink and Sol Invictus, taunting and teasing both before sending them flying with her vocal talents. Melody is caught off guard when a recovered Nephilim attacks her sending her flying. She would recover and renew her attacks just time against all three. In the mean time Manchurian would have fixed the problems preventing the power to be on, and the facility's defenses and light guards would be reinstalled and the power nullifies would also be powered on and all infighting would be ceased and order would be applied.

    Powers and Abilities

    Melody Toon possesses sonic based vocal powers to the extent she can perform a number of specialized effects with them. Melodies voice can be used to manipulate others psyche and mental state, and can be used as a lure to bait people, or compel others to have suicidal thoughts. Her voice can induce manic craze and madness, and it can be used as a sheer physical projectile force that can knock even powerful beings off there feet. Her powers can levitate and hold others as well as demonstrated against the physical robust and power Nephilim. Melody can use her powers to create internal hemorrhaging as well if desired. Melody's voice is said to be so unique and incredible that once heard it can not be forgotten.


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