Mellu Loran

    Character » Mellu Loran appears in 31 issues.

    Shade's fiancée on Meta.

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    Mellu got to know Shade first as her martial arts instructor. When she bacame better and better at that, she became his partner. And after that, his lover. Later on they engaged. But it all changed when Mellus parents were crippled, and Shade was thought to be the faulty one (among other things). He goed to prison. But, due to an accident, he got to escape to Earth. Mellu teleported to Earth, to hunt Shade down.

    After The Form (a member of the Crime council of Meta) had escaped from Zero-zone to Earth, Mellu killed her. Unfortunately for Shade, Mellu was in the same bulding as him, and almost killed Shade too. But, she obviously didn`t succeed. After her failure, she returned to Meta.

    When Shade returned to Meta, and was noticed, he was to be arrested if noticed. Every agent, meaning also Mellu, was looking for him.During the searching, she accidentally stumbled to Gola Zae (another Metan criminal) and her insane and evil plans. She and her goon sent Mellu to Zero-zone, to the area of Madness, where she goed to shock. She was saved by Shade, who also saved her sanity. But, Mellu was too shocked, and in the end, unconscious during Shades noble acts. So she didn`t find out, until later what Shade had done.

    When she regained consciousness, she noticed that Shade had been captured.

    Dr. Sagan showed her a video of Shades act of heroism. She bacame a little convinced that Shade possibly isn`t all that evil. She and Sgt. Barak (part of Shades supporting cast) decided to spring Shade out of jail. But one of Shades enemies goons had already captured him, and the goons goed to their headquarters. Mellu and Barak followed them all, but were noticed and captured. They were brought to Crime counsils HQ, and they saw Shade battling against the leader of the council, Supreme decider. This cleared all suspicion of Shades true, good nature from their minds. She and Barak helped Shade to fight against Sude, and they defeated Sude. During the battle, Shade dissapeared, and were thought to be dead by many.

    During the time he was gone, Mellu fought against a criminal called Cloak (who framed Shade as the murderer of Capt. Majan), with Barak.

    By the last issue of Shade, she finally got to reunite with Shade, and all feud between them was forgiven.


    Mellu was created by Steve Ditko and Michael Fleisher.


    Mellu is strikingly beautiful and an expert at hand-to-hand combat.

    Other Versions

    Young Animal

    Mellu Loran grew up in the elite Metan society and can trace her heritage back to the original species from Meta. Her parents (deceased) were renowned scientists, but Mellu’s brilliant tactical mind had her forging her own path in Metan Bureaucracy, moving quickly up the ranks in her youth. Many thought that she would become the Metan Prime at some point. She was entrusted with the secret M-Vest project, which sought to harness madness. This is where she met Rac Shade, a down-and-out poet looking for some quick cash by joining the M-Vest project (now discontinued). During the madness experiments, Mellu and Rac fell in love and her career took a dramatic downswing. Their love affair was epic, leaving Metans wondering about Loran’s judgement and capacity to ever run Meta. The project was deemed a failure and she was passed over for promotions and quickly lost her standing in Metan politics.

    Their breakup came due to a misunderstanding surrounding Mellu’s parents’ death. Rac fled to Earth on the madness stream to evade charges. Mellu’s hatred of Rac Shade is well documented, and when he returned to Meta, she used her political power to make his life miserable. This abuse of power ruined all her chances at the promising political career that she had demonstrated in her youth. Rac wrote his greatest poem, “Mellu’s Lament,” based on their doomed love.

    Her accusations proved to be unfounded, as it later came out that Rac Shade had nothing to do with Loran’s famous parents’ deaths, but any reconciliation was too late. She never got over Rac Shade.

    She was pardoned for her misuse of public resources for her own personal agenda and relegated to the Department of Galactic Affairs: Small Problems, a far fall for someone who had such a bright future.


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