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    Wolverine's ex-girlfriend. A reporter working for the San Francisco Post, than the Daily Bugle in New York. She was saved from robbers by Wolverine. They were in a relationship.

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    Melita is a reporter from San Francisco. Her father is Mexican and her mother is African-American. She tried to kill herself when she was younger but failed to do it correctly. The circumstances on why or how have not been revealed. Wolverine saved Melita's life after she was being mugged by a group of thugs. She began to research him and was pulled into a plot by a Facility creating an army of Adamantium men cloned from Wolverine. As a result they begin working together. Due to her job as a reporter for the San Francisco Post she was able to glean information on the criminal world and pass it off to him. He also gave her leads on topics she could write about for her paper. There also seemed to be a strong attraction between the two, though Wolverine continued to tell himself it was strictly professional.


    Melita was created by Jason Aaron and Ron Garney and first appeared in Wolverine Weapon X 1 (2009).

    Major Story Arcs

    Insane in the Brain

    When Logan was kidnapped and brainwashed by the psychotic psychiatrist, Dr Rot. It was Melita whom Wolverine's mind reached out to and called for help. Melita called the number which Wolverine had given her in case something happened to him. Nightcrawler & Psylocke arrived to rescue him. Before leaving to rescue her teammate Psylocke wondered why Wolverine would reach out to a woman he hardly knew & asked if they were sleeping together. Melita denied having a relationship with Logan (which at the time was true) as for the earlier, she told Betsy to ask Logan when she saw him. Logan and Melita are now in a relationship (much to Emma Frost's amusement).

    Wolverine goes to Hell

    With Logan in hell, Melita is being hunted by an unknown organization. A group of men stormed into the office where she worked and demanded that she be turned over to them. Luckily, before the men can harm her, Mystique makes a rather ostentatious entrance on her bike, rescuing Melita. Currently, she has teamed up with Mystique.

    Goodbye Chinatown

    After the events of Schism, Wolverine has decided to leave San Francisco and open the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning in New York. Before he leaves he goes over to Melita's apartment to get some of his things, and to say goodbye. While the two are saying there goodbyes, Melita notices there is a young boy peeking in though the window. The boy is Yuen Yee, and once Logan lets him inside, he explains that Master Po has sent him to collect the "Black Dragon".

    Logan then explains to Melita that he, in addition to being an X-men, and Avenger and a hero, he is also the secret kingpin of the Chinatown Underworld. Logan then gives Melita a kiss and says hell explain later. Melita then watches Logan and Yuen Yee leave. While Logan is gone, Melita gets a job at the Daily Bugle. When she sees Logan later she remarks that she is now working at the Bugle but remarks she never sent them her resume. Logan blows it off saying, maybe one of her fans did it. Logan and Melita, are back together but there are still questions about what they mean to each other.

    And Then There Was War

    Melita is back in New York City and she meets Seraph and her team of Seraph's Angels. A team made up of Wolverine's ex-girlfriends.

    Back to Japan/ One More Round

    When Logan leaves for Japan to try and stop a war between the Yakuza and The Hand, Melita stays in New York to work at the Daily Bugle. But then just before Logan comes home Melita get a mysterious package. Several picture of Logan making love to Yukio, who in reality was Mystique and Logan was drugged at the time. When Logan tries to call Melita never answers the phone. This causes Melita and Wolverine to break-up and Melita to join Seraph's Angels.


    For more information see: Rot

    Melita and Logan have been broken up for sometime, when Melita is approached by Dennis Wells. He and the FBI are looking for Logan as a suspect for several murders, spread out across the US. Melita stonewalls them swearing since they broke up she hasn't seen Logan, but when Agent Wells mentions that removal of the victims brain, Melita realizes it is Dr. Rot.

    Melita goes along with Wells and his agents to the Rottwell Estate, but there they are ambushed by Dr. Rottwell's family. While Melita waits just out side the compound, she is jumped by Logan. She quickly learns that Wolverine is possessed again, this time by Tater. She kicks him squarely in the groan and runs away. She runs into Charlie Chainsaws and Baylee Ann, but when Logan shows up he is back in control of his body. He saves Melita and tells her to stay put. She obeys and when Logan returns after killng Dr. Rottwell, burning down the Rottwell Estate and rescuing Wells, she tries to talk to him. Logan tells her there is nothing to talk about, because he does know who she is. Dr. Rottwell has messed with Logan's memories and he now does not know who Melita and some other people are, although he knows he knows them somehow.


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