Melissa Maro

    Character » Melissa Maro appears in 3 issues.

    Melissa Maro is the classmate of Danny Ketch at Reardon College

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    Melissa Maro first appears in Ghost Rider as Danny Ketch's political science classmate, Melissa Befriends our host of the Spirit Of Vengeance in which initially Danny flirts with her, but she lets him down gently saying she "doesn't like boys", the two go onto form a friendship.  Melissa is quite and active memeber of various groups her main organisation is an urban action group, which focus's on the community standing up to drug dealers and corrupt police men who allow this criminality to continue.
    Unfortunately for Melissa and her Organisation, becomes a target for such corrupted indivinduals and attracts the attention of a supernatural drug dealer known as Snowblind. Snowblind gives the order to one of his men to take Melissa out as she is causing unwanted attention to his business, so the underling goes ahead and hires a group of thugs to take a hit on her.
    Mellisa and Danny Ketch are on his motorcycle on there way back to the bronx from a night out, when the thugs target them and shoot Melissa. Ghost Rider Emerges and rush's her to the hospital and then proceeds to exact vengeance upon her attackers, after the attackers are dealt with he returns to the hospital and finds out that Melissa's wounds have left her comatose.

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