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    Meliodas the Dragon's Sin of Wrath is the captain of the Seven Deadly Sins and the first bornchild of the Demon King who then betrayed his own race for the sake of his lover, Elizabeth. In his earlier days, he used to run the Boar Hat, a bar which was set on top of a giant green pig. The sin is based on how he wiped out the Kingdom of Danafor. Due to his betrayal, he has been cursed with true immortality by his father and Elizabeth cursed with perpetual reincarnation by the Supreme Deity.

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    Meliodas is the Dragons Sin of Wrath and the leader of the group known as the Seven Deadly Sins. He is the main protagonist of the manga Nanatsu no Taizai and the owner of the Boar Hat bar. His past is still in shambles since Meliodas somehow lost fragments of his memory from the past only remembering bits and pieces.


    Despite having the appearance of a child, Meliodas is actually much older, being in his three thousands. He is exceptionally short compared to other characters, with messy blond hair and a pair of emerald green eyes (which may sometimes become black). He also lacks facial hair, further accentuating his adolescent appearance. Regardless of lacking an adult appearance, he is relatively muscular, possessing an array of well-developed abdominal muscles.

    He is often shown wearing an ordinary, clean white button-front shirt and a black sleeveless vest on top with a loosely worn tie. His broken sword's scabbard is held on by a green leather belt with gold-colored buckles. Without any socks, he wears a pair of black boots.

    His most distinctive trait is his Dragon symbol carved at the top of his left arm, just below his shoulders.The image on Meliodas' wanted poster, which does not resemble him at all, displays a much older man. Its possible that like King, Meliodas has the ability to change his appearance at will. Or, it could be an innate ability. So far in the manga, the subject has been illuded whenever Elizabeth did manage to bring it up.


    Meliodas at times appears almost innocent. He is the essence of a perverted character, engaging in vulgar acts whenever he is involved in conversations with Elizabeth. It is unclear if this behavior is common or if he displays this behavior only with Elizabeth. He is also shown to be very bawdy and loves to frequently tell jokes. Occasionally, he takes advantage of Elizabeth's naivety and gropes her breasts, he is not even ashamed of doing so in public. He also has a strong sense of justice and is willing to help persons in distress. Even when he is severely injured, he tries not to show his weaknesses, and stays strong in front of his companions.

    Despite his title as the Sin of Wrath, he appears to be a very calm person. However, if his companions or friends are harmed in any way, he is greatly angered. He is also shown to fall into a state of extreme rage when someone tries to take his sword, with this rage being capable of scaring even a Holy Knight and leaving a permanent scar on Ban's neck, despite his regeneration abilities. It has been hinted that Meliodas is possibly feeling guilty over the fate of Danafor, saying that his sin was being unable to save the kingdom.


    Meliodas is from the kingdom of Danafor, and knew a now dead woman named Liz, who was the "person most important to him". He has stated that he tried to protect Danafor and Liz, but failed, and that this is his sin, as a member of the Deadly Sins. However, on the contrary, Meliodas is said to have destroyed Danafor himself after having lost himself in his wrath.According to what Veronica has been told, Meliodas' true identity is that of a "raging monster that leaves a path of destruction wherever he goes", with his childlike appearance being, but a facade.

    16 Years Ago

    When the Deadly Sins were not yet formed, Meliodas, intending to recruit Ban, arrived at the convict's cell, where he was warned by the guards of Ban's immortality. Ban, believing that another execution was to be performed, stated that he will merely sit as he is executed, only to find that a child had entered. Ban refused to join Meliodas, and, to Meliodas' declaration he will then take him out by force, then engages him in battle. Their battle is revealed to have resulted in Ban being punched out of his cell. Ban, having become extremely excited, requests that the battle be continued. Meliodas responds that in order to do so, Ban would have to join him, with Ban merely continuing to grin widely.

    10 Years Ago

    After the Sins' formation, when they were still an active and commended group of knights, they supposedly summoned to an old castle, where they discovered the Great Holy Knight, Zaratras completely skewered to death. Soon, they were framed for the murder, and then, surrounded by over three hundreds knights of the kingdom. Meliodas claims to not remember anything that happened afterwards, except that one of the Seven Deadly Sins apologized to him, which leads him to suspect the existence of a traitor. He adds that when he came to his senses, he was lying in a hole, where he met Hawk.

    Plot - Holy Knight Saga

    Introduction Arc-

    Meliodas is first seen in the Boar Hat, serving his disgusting meals, and then ordering Hawk, a talking pig, to clean up the vomit of his customers. Moments later, the infamous Rust Knight enters the bar, scaring all the customers who believed him to be one of the "Seven Deadly Sins", and collapses moments later, which reveals him to be female. The woman soon wakes, is then offered food and questioned as to what she was doing in an armor. As she begins explaining that she is searching for the "Seven Deadly Sins", a few knights, having been informed by the villagers of the Rust Knight, demand that Meliodas and him come out. The young man and Hawk do so quickly, and anger one of the knights by the latter's pretending to be the Holy Knight. As the woman when flees towards the woods, they notice her, and go in her chase. She is quickly rescued by Hawk and Meliodas, who ask for her to continue her answer. She then explains that she was searching for the "Seven Deadly Sins" in order to stop the Holy Knights, who, few days ago, had orchestrated a coup d'etat, and had taken control of the kingdom; she also reveals who the Seven Deadly Sins are.

    Abruptly, the cliff the three are standing on, is cut off by Twigo. Meliodas, however, rescues all of them. After he does so, Twigo notices the woman's earring, and then realizes her true identity as Elizabeth, the third princess kingdom. When the knight attacks them, Meliodas rescues her; he does so again when she gives up her life in an attempt to not involve Meliodas in her matters. Smiling, Meliodas reveals his name, and thus, his identity. As Twigo attacks them again, Meliodas repels the attack, and, declaring his title as the "Sin of Wrath", then again repels Twigo's attack with his broken sword, thus defeating him. Meliodas, explaining that he is also searching for the other Deadly Sins, offers Elizabeth to accompany him in his journey, an offer she tearfully accepts.

    Hired as a waitress of the Boar Hat, Elizabeth is given a new set of attire by Meliodas. She then questions him as to the crime had had committed, and doubts whether he is an actual criminal. He initially jokes about the reason, but, in the end, he doesn't properly answer her. Meliodas, Elizabeth and Hawk soon reach Bernia, a village famous for its ale made from the village's famous river; they, however, they find the river to be completely dried. Upon finding a large crowd of men trying to pull out a sword, the three discover that the previous day, a Holy Knight had sealed the river's underground water supply, preventing the creation of Bernia ale, the the town's primary sources of income. While the men unsuccessfully try to pull out the sword, a boy named Mead starts boasting about his friend from the Seven Deadly Sins, his comments only serving to further enrage the villagers, who begin blaming Mead for their crisis.

    Meliodas takes Mead to Boar Hat and feeds him in return for information on his "friend" from the Seven Deadly Sins. This, however, turns out to be a hoax. Elizabeth, having learned that Mead was the one who angered the Holy Knight, manages to have him tell her the reason he did so, by narrating him an episode of her childhood. The four then watch from the window as two knights inform the villagers that if the sword is not removed by that day, taxes will be multiplied by ten times. As all the men, now including Mead, try their best to remove the sword, Meliodas, after drinking some of the Bernia ale, removes the sword with ease, in order to pay for his drink, which causes the dammed water to gush up like a fountain.

    Some time later, Meliodas asks Hawk and Elizabeth to buy some herbs and fruits with the silver coins he hands them, for Elizabeth to gain some experience, since she, being a princess, has never seen a silver coin before, having used only gold ones. He also informs them that the day's main dish will be the Dusk Bison that has been acting as a pest and destroying people's farms. When the two return empty handed, and explain how they lost the items they bought, Meliodas hilariously expresses his irritation.

    That evening, as the villagers celebrate in Boar Hat, Meliodas instructs Elizabeth to take her job lightly, since it was her first time being a waitress. During the celebration, Meliodas senses Gilthunder's, the aforementioned Holy Knight's, spear heading for the village, and goes out. Outside, he finds Elizabeth, who, having made many mistakes while waitressing, had run outside while crying. Encouraging Elizabeth, Meliodas stops the spear, but only after being pushed back a large distance. He then sends it back at Gilthunder, which leads to the destruction of Fort Solgales, and the Holy Knight's realization that the Seven Deadly Sins are still alive. The next morning, Meliodas suggests that they should leave the village immediately and continue their journey, since it would be more dangerous for the villagers if they stay there.

    Forest of White Dreams Arc

    Having learned of even Holy Knights avoiding the Forest of White Dreams in Bernia, the group of three travel there, speculating of a Deadly Sin hiding inside. After walking in the forest for more than three hours, and losing their sense of direction, the three find multiple copies of Hawk, all claiming to be the real one. Meliodas, mercilessly defeats all the copies, including the real one, but then discovers similar copies of Elizabeth. Each of them declares to do anything that they are real, and Meliodas then instructs them to jump as high as they could. All of them, except the real one, do so, since Elizabeth's panties had been stolen by Meliodas before, and she was embarrassed to jump. Defeated, the copies show themselves as Prankster Imps, and retreat towards a giant girl, who is revealed to be Diane, the Serpent's Sin of Envy. They then apologize to her for allowing a Holy Knight to come through, having believed Meliodas to be one.

    Immediately after being woken, Diane lifts Meliodas with her hand, only to cuddle him and cry tears of joy as soon as she realizes his identity. When Elizabeth introduces herself to Diane as traveling with Meliodas, Diane jumps to the conclusion that she and Meliodas are a couple, and throws a tantrum. Meliodas, after calming her down, explains to her the reason he and Elizabeth were traveling together. He then proceeds to begin a discussion about the day, ten years ago, informing her that he has almost no memories of the day, much to Diane surprise. Meliodas narrates the only memories he has, which end with one of the Deadly Sins apologizing to him. The narration leads Elizabeth to speculate the existence of a traitor, and Diane, to declare that she will help Meliodas. Few brief moments later, Hawk notices a gigantic thundercloud in the sky. A lightning bolt from it then binds all of them and the assailant is shown to be Gilthunder.

    As Gilthunder walks towards them, Elizabeth explains Gilthunder's identity, and that he was a brother figure to her, but soon realizes his intentions. After Gilthunder leads her away, ending her interruption, he, pointing his sword at Meliodas' neck, expresses his desire to avenge his father, and also to prove that he has surpassed him. Meliodas and Diane easily break Gilthunder's immobilization spell themselves, with Meliodas instructing Diane not to interfere. Gilthunder attacks first with a lighting bolt; the Sin of Wrath repels the spell, only for the former to dodge and move behind the latter, slashing him from behind and causing him to fall to the ground. Meliodas, seemingly in his last moments, asks for the whereabouts of the other Deadly Sins as his last words. Gilthunder answers to him the locations of the Fox's Sin of Greed, and the Grizzly's Sin of Sloth, the former being imprisoned in the Baste Dungeon, and the latter having perished in the Capital of the Dead. As he is told so, Meliodas quickly jumps back up, revealing that he had tricked Gilthunder into revealing the information.

    The Holy Knight refuses stop their battle, repeatedly attacks Meliodas very quickly. He continues his attacks, but is suddenly lifted by Diane with a hand. Gilthunder's attempts of escaping her grasp unsuccessful, Meliodas watches as Diane flings him out of the forest. Meliodas later decides to head toward the Baste Dungeon, leading Elizabeth to object his decision, citing his grave wound as an impediment. Though assuring her that he is alright, Meliodas soon collapses.

    Baste Dungeon Arc

    Meliodas is taken to Dalmary, a town near the Baste Dungeon, where he is treated by Dana. Later, Dana has Meliodas drink a medicine he prepared himself, which is later revealed to have been a deadly poison, with Dana being revealed to have made a deal with Golgius. When the Holy Knight appears, and then tries to grab Meliodas broken sword, Meliodas, however, is shown to still be alive, but with his eyes being mysteriously colored black, and with a strange black colored symbol on his forehead. As Golgius tries to pull the sword, Meliodas declares that he would not let go of it even if he dies, and that this was the only way he could atone for his sins, while releasing an aura which frightens Golgius into fleeing.

    Meliodas seems to have returned to normalcy soon after this. When Elizabeth then questions him as to his wound, it is revealed to have already healed, something that puzzles even him. The three then go in Golgius' chase, soon finding him due to Hawk's sense of smell. Much to their surprise, Golgius immediately surrenders; Meliodas, however, notices the blades that Golgius discreetly threw, and blocks them. Soon after, Dana also finds Golgius, and is killed in order to censor the two's deal, with Elizabeth, worried, running towards the doctor. As Golgius disappears after his attack is blocked by Meliodas, he confirms that his ability is teleportation. The three then escape, and soon enter an abandoned building, where Meliodas slashes his sword in the air toward the door, comically claiming that it was a magic spell. They wait inside, when Golgius suddenly appears behind Meliodas, but falls for the Sin's trap - a cut on the floor of the entrance - and falls down to the bottom of the building. There, the Deadly Sin reveals that Golgius' ability is actually transparancy, and how he discovered so. He then attacks his opponent at point blank range.

    Meliodas then questions Golgius about the person who had ordered him to bring the broken sword and Elizabeth, only for Golgius to escape due to a distraction. After he leaves, Elizabeth goes towards the dying Dana, who apologizes, explaining that he had only wanted to rescue his daughter and, lamenting his inability, dies. Elizabeth blames herself for this, since if she hadn't found Meliodas, he wouldn't have been put into danger, and Dana wouldn't have died. Meliodas, in response, questions whether her resolve to protect the kingdom's citizens was as weak, declaring that he would fulfill his promise even if she were to die. He proceeds to speech her on the inheritance of the principles of an individual. Not long after, him and Hawk start for Baste, leaving Elizabeth in Dalmary due to the dangers. She, however, joins the two herself and, encouraged by Meliodas' speech, responds that though she has no power, she will continue to fight for the people even if he were to die. As they walk, they encounter Diane, who seems to have no memories of defeating Friesia's insects and leaving for Baste.

    Diane tries to recollect the events, and Meliodas then determines rescuing as Cenette was their main priority. Suddenly, he finds Diane to be attacking him; immediately realizing that she is under an illusion, he flees along with Elizabeth and Hawk, and, upon finding two civilians, walking nearby, takes them along. As the three, and the two frightened civilians, hide, Meliodas also falls under Ruin's hypnosis when he tries to look at Diane, which makes him see Ruin in her place the same way she sees Ruin in his. Thinking he is attacking Ruin, he attacks Diane, which begins their battle. The battle is only stopped after Elizabeth manages to remove the origin of Ruin's Illusion - the bell on his staff. He, enraged by this, charges towards the heavily injured Elizabeth, but is stopped by Meliodas, the illusion now having stopped.

    Meliodas tells the unconscious Elizabeth that he accepts her resolution, as Ruin attacks him. Ruin expresses his disbelief at the kingdom being frightened of a "small child". After two of Meliodas' punches, Ruin, exclaims that his soft fist wouldn't even scratch his armor, and suggests that he draw his sword. When Meliodas does not, Ruin attacks with a barrage of punches; though they possess great power, Meliodas remains unscathed, and breaks Ruin's armor. He is unfaced when Ruin then hardens his abdominal muscles as his armor, and proceeds to easily defeat him with a punch that plunges his arm into the Holy Knight's stomach. Later, when Diane, Meliodas, Hawk and Elizabeth, who is sleeping inside Diane's bag, enter the dungeon, they encounter Cenette fleeing from Ban, as him appears soon behind her. Initially appearing very tense despite their reunion after 10 years, Ban and Meliodas are shown to get along very well, and greet each other with multiple high-fives at great speed. They then energetically start arm wrestling, the mere force of which begins destroying Baste. Both argue on their score on arm wrestling as the dungeon continues collapses. After it is fully destroyed, Ban states that he is glad to meet Meliodas again.

    The group, Ban, and the people who were imprisoned in Baste, including Cenette, return to Dalmary. Soon after, Meliodas enters Dana's house, but is surprised to discover that Dana is mysteriously alive. The doctor reveals that he knows nothing about this strange phenomenon, and showing the deep wound to have neatly healed, points out that it was similar to Meliodas' sword wound, which had also healed and left a scar in a similar way. Cenette then interrupts, questioning the reason her father was nearly killed and she, imprisoned. When he answers, she tells him that poisoning Meliodas was not his fault, but the Deadly Sins' own fault, since the group were criminals. Dana, however, argues against, explaining that Meliodas never blamed him, and even selflessly rescued her. He then offers a token of his gratitude by a meal. At night, during the party, Ban is formally introduced to the bedridden Elizabeth. Not long after, Cenette notices crossing shooting starts in the sky and brings them to everyone's attention.

    Capital of The Dead Arc

    The characters begin their journey towards the Capital of the Dead from Dalmary Town. Meliodas decides to not head towards the Kingdom's capital yet, but instead, they move further away. On the road, they are confronted by two Holy Knight apprentices, with one know as Andre. Meliodas initially deceives them by advertising their Boar Hat bar with Diane and Elizabeth being the two attractive waitresses. However, after Diane released her appreciations of being praised by hugging him, the knights realize that they are the Seven Deadly Sins. Suddenly, a Black Hound appears and quickly defeats the two knights. When Ban attempts to scare the creature, it grew bigger as a result of feeling threatened. In the end, Meliodas intimidates the Black Hound with his Broken Blade's powers.

    Gradually, the characters arrive at a lonely village that is said to be closet to the Capital of the Dead. Meliodas decides to open the Boar Hat bar in order to earn some money for food, and begin giving everyone roles. When Ban begins complaining about working, he reveals that he return Cenette her dagger, so they could not sell it for money. When everyone was about to begin working, they discover that Ban had escaped. At the Boar Hat, Meliodas tells a past story about Ban and King and states that they're a unlikely dynamic duo.

    Meliodas and the rest begin searching for Ban, and discovers his fighting against King. He suddenly appears and interrupts the battle by knocking Ban on the head with a cup. Meliodas and Diane then easily notices King, although he quickly runs away. Back at the Boar Hat, Ban cooks a delicious meal and requests for the location of the Capital of the Dead from Ellen and her brother, who reveals that King has also requested the same thing.

    The discussion about the Capital of the Dead continues and the characters are told that the village is actually the entrance. However, you cannot go there just because you desire to. Out of the blue, Ellen recites a riddle she always heard from her neighbor, a priceless memory shared with the deceased will open the path to the capital. The characters then begin searching for a method to enter the Capital of the Dead. Realizing that there are flowers on the ground, Hawk begins sniffing them when a sudden breeze wafted all of the petals. When the characters opens their eyes, they discover that they arrived at the Capital of the Dead.

    Ban suddenly runs away, leading Meliodas and the rest to follow after him. Whilst attempting to follow, they is blown away by an explosive strike from and Geera, but easily recovers. He then suddenly encounter the Holy Knight Geera who killed herself to enter the Capital of the Dead. She begins attacking when Meliodas immediately tells Hawk to run away with Elizabeth after realizing how dangerous she was. Meliodas catches Diane who was also blown away the same way. The two then begins attacking the Holy Knight together, before Geera provokes Meliodas to use his sword. In response, Meliodas draws his broken blade and utilizes Full Counter against Geera, who reveals that she knows the ability.

    Meliodas and Diane were still fighting Geera but she was too strong and Geera was about to use her power she called Explosion but she was stopped by Ban using his power Snatch but Geera used her Explosion to broke Ban ability. As the battle continues, the Sins were losing but then King arrive and offers to help them. Geera used her power again to kill the Sins but King block that attack and decided to fight her alone which the other Sins agree to and sit down and watch the fight.

    Meliodas and the other watch as King defeated Geera with ease but then she came out of the rubble and was about to attack King but Meliodas block the attack and sent her back to the living world. The Sins bodies were starting to disappearing and are about to go back to the living world. When they are back they saw that Geera was there but still in a near death state and hadn't returned. Ban said that they should kill her but Meliodas had an idea to do something to her. The Sins later left the village to continued they journey. King ask Meliodas who Elizabeth is but as always he tease her but then told him she is the princess which suprised King and decided to go to his fat form to show respect to Elizabeth but Meliodas doesn't notice the differences but the clothes. When King asks what happen to his Sacred Treasure, which Meliodas says that he sold it.

    Not long after, Meliodas questions King the current status of the kingdom. Later, at night, inside the Boar Hat, Elizabeth somberly remembers her childhood; her spirits are lifted with Meliodas reassuring her that her family will be rescued soon. The next day, he decides their next destination to be Biron, and then questions King about his statements the previous day. King, in response, reveals Geera was a mere low rank apprentice the day before she fought them, explains about the mysterious "New Generation". Meliodas, and three others, then enter Biron, where they also discover a new wanted poster for Elizabeth. All the residents unsuccessfully try to chase the criminals in order to hand them to the Holy Knights. After the four escape to a tower, Meliodas and King leave Elizabeth and Hawk to gather information, upon the princess' own urging.

    In the evening, Hawk tearfully explains to Meliodas and King about Elizabeth's capture by Griamor and Veronica. Though King suggests to formulate a plan, Meliodas, enraged, states that they are going then. King, upon finding the inn where Elizabeth is being held, uses his telekinetic abilities to topple a cup on the table. While Griamor reaches out for it, creating a distraction, Meliodas enters the room, and very quickly defeats Griamor in an ambush. Later, Elizabeth thanks Meliodas, and, as the two walk, Meliodas' shadow is shown as the silhouette of a giant monster.

    Vaizel Fight Arc

    The next day, near the town of Byzel, Meliodas explains about the town hosting an annual flea market, and about his speculations of a sacred treasure being sold there. Meliodas, Ban, King and Hawk head to the town, and there, are directed, by an alchoholic,elderly man, to the Fight Festival, whose rewards include Gideon, Diane's sacred treasure. Sometime later, after a brief skirmish with Taizoo, Meliodas, Ban, and the unwitting King, along with the other contestants, gather at the fighting ring for the preliminary round.

    During the preliminary, Meliodas is among the handful of combatants who overwhelm the rest, and later qualify for the main tournaments. Afterwards, Meliodas is assigned to battle Ban in the first round. Ban had entered himself, Meliodas and King as "Baan", "Meliodaz", and "Old Fart", respectively. Hauser almost recognizes the two, but dismisses them as the Deadly Sins because of their obvious aliases, due to his naivety. When the first battle between Matrona (Diane) and Griamor begins, Meliodas, along with others, ponders whether the former is Elizabeth, when she reveals her identical qualities to the princess. After Matrona wins, her hat falls down, revealing her facial identical qualities to Diane's. She skips toward the three Sins, but is only greeted with Meliodas' question as to her identity, which angers her and prompts her to punch him and storm off. She then answers to King's questions, explaining how she and Elizabeth were shrunk.

    Diane merrily states that she had wanted to surprise Meliodas, and jumps on him, expressing her elation at being held by him. She then asks Meliodas to grope her, as how he often gropes Elizabeth. When she becomes upset at his refusals, Meliodas comforts her, explaining that he cannot act so to an important individual as her. After King and Cain's battle, Meliodas and Ban ready themselves for their battle, which is the final one in the First Round. As the battle begins, Meliodas compares the circumstances they are in currently to his and Ban's first meeting, and punches him. Regaining his balance, Ban exchanges several attacks with his opponent. One of Meliodas' punches sends Ban crashing onto the ring, even breaking the Great Byzel Rock. Soon, when Meliodas attacks Ban again, he himself falls down to his knees, Ban having used his ability, "Snatch".

    When Meliodas tries to retaliate, he seems to have weakened. King explains that this is since Snatch enables Ban to "rob" physical objects and also physical abilities such as speed and stamina; Meliodas is losing his stamina. As Ban overwhelms Meliodas, he then also starts "robbing" Meliodas' raw strength. After sometime, Ban decides to now rob all of Meliodas' abilities together, as otherwise he wouldn't be able to end the battle. While Meliodas attacks Ban, the latter steals the former's abilities, and manages to completely do so before he is defeated. As he stands over Meliodas, Ban allows him to give up, an offer Meliodas immediately refuses. Diane theorizes that Meliodas is baiting Ban into delivering the punch, and will reflect the blow back with Full Counter. King quickly refutes this, explaining that Full Counter can only reflect "power" attacks, and not indirect attacks like Ban's.

    Despite Elizabeth's pleading, Ban punches Meliodas. In the midst of the resulting debris, Meliodas, who now mysteriously has a strange black colored mark on his forehead, and with his eyes colored black, similar to how he was when Golgius had attacked him previously, crushes Ban's hand, and proceeds to defeat him. After Diane's battle against Hauser is announced, Diane hurriedly hands Meliodas a shrunken Elizabeth, before leaving for the battle; the Sin of Wrath smirks pervertedly at the sight of a shrunken and naked Elizabeth. While Diane enters the fighting ring, Meliodas teases Elizabeth. The princess then tries to question Meliodas as to why he acts pervertedly towards her, believing that this is since he does not consider her to be important; this is why she has been dejected for a while. He, however, does not hear her response, leading her to dismiss it, and mentally resolve to believe in him. She then proceeds to then having him promise her that he will not battle recklessly, as he did with Ban; Meliodas, however, mentally adds that he will only do so when she is nearby, hilariously.

    After Diane's battle, Cain and Meliodas enter the ring for their battle. After a brief conversation on whether Cain entering the Fight Festival was a coincidence, Cain, questions him whether he is Meliodas' son, and is greatly surprised upon learning that his opponent is Meliodas himself. Iitially disbelieving, Cain, after accepting the fact, attacks Meliodas, and jumps back, declaring that he cannot forgive Meliodas, who betrayed the kindgom, its people, and his most important person. Meliodas then recognizes the symbol on Cain's shirt as Danafor's crest. Questioning Meliodas as to why he destroyed the kingdom, and killed its citizens and Liz, Cain attacks him with a fireball; Meliodas does not evade them. Cain, finally ending his attacks, releases a giant fireball. Meliodas, answering the series of questions, states that he had tried to protect Danafor, but failed, and that this failure is his sin. Facing his palm towards the attack, Meliodas completely disperses the attack. Cain recognizes this technique as "Counter Vanish", the use of which having convinced Cain of Meliodas' identity.

    Meliodas replies that he has come to remember Cain as well, and reaffirms Cain of his earlier statement. Cain, delighted that the rumors about Meliodas' responsibility for the destruction of Danafor are false, and glad to be rid of suspicions, forfeits his match. Finally, for the final battle in the tournament between Meliodas and Diane, or Matrona, both fighters enter the ring. Diane suggests to end their battle soon, since they have already won their target: Gideon. However, they are then interrupted by three women, who cheer Meliodas in a very erotic manner. Diane, enraged at Meliodas' obliviousness on this, punches him as their battle begins; Ban had paid the three women to cheer erotically for Meliodas to anger Diane, and have her battle Meliodas seriously. Meliodas realizes Ban's scheme and exchanges a barrage of powerful attacks when Diane when she refuses to believe that she has misunderstood, with one of the attacks nearly pushing him out of the ring. Regaining his balance, Meliodas then jumps, and tries to attack from above.

    Diane, however, stops the punch, and sending him flying, all the while slowly returning to her usual size. As Diane grows, Meliodas escapes all of Diane's repeated punches by slipping through the cracks their battle has created on the ring. As they battle, the audience expresses its disapproval and dislike at the low seriousness of the battle. In response, Meliodas stops fighting, and declares his identity as a Deadly Sin, and also that the Sins will be capturing Byzel. After King and Ban also enter the ring, Meliodas continues, threatening the civilians to leave Byzel in one minute, lest be massacred. A few moments afterwards, gigantic, and explosive flares rain down on Byzel. As the assailants, Geera, Jericho, and another Holy Knight, land, the citizens are intimidated by Ban into fleeing, which makes Elizabeth realize the motive of the Sins' actions: they had forced the civilians to leave, so that they wouldn't be involved in the battle against the Holy Knights. Meliodas, noting on the Holy Knights' strength, instructs King, Diane and Ban to separate.

    Soon afterward, Geera finds Meliodas. He accepts to fight her, but she retorts, boasting her increased abilities, and then releases several flares, which stop midway. When he jumps to destroy the flares, one of them suddenly explodes, which triggers multiple explosions. After the gigantic inferno settles, Meliodas, heavily injured, falls from a height. After Jericho also defeats Ban, King confronts the two Holy Knights, and defeats them with great ease; he then hands Elizabeth and Hawk the responsibility of watching over the two defeated Sins. Hiding behind a building, Elizabeth hangs the pendant that Veronica gave her earlier around the unconscious Meliodas' neck, as Veronica and Griamor find her and Hawk. Veronica notices the pendant on Meliodas' neck, and then grabs Elizabeth's hand, trying to bring Elizabeth back to to the capital of Lyonesse. As Elizabeth tries to resist, Meliodas regains consciousness and stops Veronica, trying to convince her that he will protect Elizabeth.

    Angered further, Veronica triggers the Godess Ember, the stone on her pendant that affects demonic beings. The stone shines brightly for a moment, and Meliodas then disappears. Annoyed at Elizabeth still refusing to return with her, Veronica finally orders Griamor to use force. Ban's attempts at opposing them are stopped by Jericho and Geera's arrival. While Veronica and Griamor are focused on Geera, Elizabeth manages to flee, with Veronica chasing behind; the princesses' footsteps trigger one of the explosive mines Geera had set previously, leading to Veronica's death. Geera then reveals Hendrickson's goal: the resurrection of the Demon Clan, and tries to bring Elizabeth back with her. As the princess pleads for Meliodas to rescue her, the Goddess Amber darkens, and shatters, releasing a black substance, which collects and forms Meliodas, the right portion of whose body is completely colored black from forehead to knee, with spiral-like designs. Noticing Geera holding his broken sword, Meliodas sewers, and grabs Geera's hand before she is able to notice; he holds her hand, which is, in turn, holding his sword.

    Geera then scream in pain after her hand was cut off, Meliodas then lightly swing his sword which cause a huge storm which knock off both Geera and Jericho. After Jericho heal Geera which restore her hand, Meliodas quickly rush in and knock both of them out and end up cutting Ban in half. Meliodas then see Elizabeth and start smelling her which got Elizabeth confused, but then Meliodas then sense the battle between King and Helbram and end up growing a dark energy like wing and fly off, leaving Elizabeth without harming her. Meliodas then crush the battle between Helbram and King, and end up punching Helbram which block his punch and end up fighting with each other. Helbram then reveal that the reason Meliodas is stronger then Geera and Jericho despite being a Reactor like them, is because he was a mixed from the start.

    Helbram keep questioning Meliodas if he is a half breed, but Meliodas didn't response due to his wrath state, but they continued to fight as Meliodas keep creating thing from his mark, a giant sword and claws. When made a move that could have slice Meliodas, Meliodas mark protected him which even surprised Helbram. During their fight, Helbram was writing some notes about Meliodas, pointing out that Meliodas can't use Full Counter in this form due to losing reason or an alternate personality, and wanted to research him quick, but Meliodas got up and use his dark claws which made Helbram excited. Helbram continued to dodge Meliodas attacks and stop one of the crawls with his one hand and claim that Meliodas couldn't beat his power Link which he state is like Ban power Snatch but less dirty because who every allies with him, he will get they powers, which he is now using 20 Holy Knights.

    The Holy Knights who were giving Helbram powers, told him that Meliodas is overpowering them, which shock Helbram and realize that his power is still growing and not he is not in a complete state. Hendricksen then enter the circle and afford Helbram some of his powers to which Helbram used to defeat Meliodas with one hit, winning the battle.

    Armor Giant Arc

    Turns out, the hilt of the broken sword Meliodas carries with him is actually part of the seal that sealed off the Demon clan. After leaving Byzel, the group stop by a forested area to rest. Meanwhile Ban and King are having a sparring session, Meliodas is sitting on a boulder by the lake eating flower patels. He casually breaks a twig from the bush, and throws it towards the hill, slicing the hill from the middle. Meliodas says he will somehow end the battle that has been raging for thousands of years.

    Meliodas and the group arrives at ordan tailing rumors of the seven deadly sins in the village. It turns out that actually its not the sins but kids acting as sins. They hear about a roar coming from the mountains and then news of an armored giant battling Holy Knights. Meliodas believes its Gowther, the Goats Sin of Lust, and they decide to head up the mountain. Gowther could use their aid against the Holy Knights.

    Upon reaching the area, Meliodas, Ban and King came across a stalemate with a Giant armor and the group known as Dawn Roar. As they lay and waited, waiting for someone to make a move first, a kid came about, wondering why the group and the giant armored being wasnt moving. The boy, Pelio, kicked the armored Giant, and it reacted by throwing down a fist to crush the boy.

    He was about to be crushed, when Armando pushes Pelio out of the way, only to be crushed by the armored giant, who till now was thought to be Gowther, Goat's Sin of Lust. 0.2 seconds before Gowthers fist landed on Armando, Dawn Roar was on the move, to finish Gowther. Half a second before Gowther swung his fist down to hit Pelio, Meliodas, Ban and King were on the move, leaping out of their hiding from the bushes on the hill above the plain where Gowther and Dawn roar were.

    Meliodas interrupted the attack before they could reach Gowther, zigzagging, forcing the 4 Dawn Roar members to land short of the attack. Meliodas landed on Gowthers side. He charged at the leader of Dawn Roar, but was easily taken down. Meliodas felt the overwhelming strength, right before he appeared behind Meliodas, and thrusted his face into the ground, with a hand placed on his head.

    Meliodas yelled at Gowther telling him to run away as the three members of Dawn Roar launched forward at Gowther. The leader of the Dawn Roar, threader left shortly after, to deal the final blow on Gowther, meanwhile Simon intercepted Meliodas, to prevent him from aiding Gowther. Threader lands a vicious attack from his saw blade across Gowther's chest.

    Taking advantage of a distracted Sins, Weinheidt launches a vicious attack on Gowther. Much to everyone's shock, Armando, who was presumed dead was standing, and had stopped the powerful arrow blast in one hand, preventing it from hitting Gowther. Armando narrates he had just been pretending to be dead in order to stop the attack which he predicted would be launched from a blind spot.

    As it turned out, Armando was actually Gowther and the armored giant was actually his armor, that he had worn around a creature to seal it in.

    After a momentary reunion break, the sins and Dawn Roar return to the task at hand. After a brief talk, Gowther came up with a preposition. Since it was the head of the Armored Giant that Dawn Roar was after, Gowther went up to it and chopped its head off and gave it to Threader, after which they left from the scene.

    No Caption Provided

    With the seal broken, the creature within the armored giant was now free to go on a rampage. Gowther takes momentary leave, trusting his fellow teammates to take care of the monstrosity. However, Meliodas could not bring himself to harm the creature, and was proving to be nothing more than a hinderance to the rest of his teammates trying to kill the Holy Knight turned to a monster.

    Regardless, it did prove to be pretty strong on it's own. It took on concentrated blows from both Meliodas and Ban without taking any notable damage, if any at all. Instead, it was the monster who seemed to have the upper hand. After Meliodas and Ban gets pushed back, King proceeds to attack it but gets pretty much the same treatment. His sacred treasure Chastiefol was weak against the monster's Frozen Breath.

    Meliodas and Ban expresses their need for weapons and picks up weapons lying around. Meliodas charges in first with an Enchantment: Hellblaze, the black flames he had used in the past which left the only visible scar on Ban's body, on his neck. Meliodas is about to strike it down when a pleading voice from the monster stops him and is caught by the monster.

    Ban springs into action, about to rescue Meliodas when from behind the monster Gowther attacks through it's chest, giving Ban the chance to use Fox Hunt and successfully rescuing Meliodas. Ban is furious at Meliodas not finishing the monster on the spot. Gowther walks up to them and asks them why they were fighting.

    Meanwhile, old man Caine arrives at the Boar Hat bar and meets up with Elizebath and calls her by the name Liz, which surprises the princess. Cain sits inside the bar and tells the story of Meliodas's lover, from an enemy kingdom of Danafor, back in the days when Meliodas was the Great Holy Knight of that Kingdom. She was caught after a night ambush and sentenced to death. Meliodas of course saved her and readily announced anyone who opposed him as an enemy.

    Meliodas acted the same with Liz as she does with the princess of Lyoness but the treatment he got in return was not quite the same. She strongly opposed to Meliodas groping and or otherwise his perverted behavior towards her. Liz was originally a slave to the opposing kingdom, and did not trust anyone. All of that changed pretty soon as she began to warm up to Meliodas and soon she was accepted among the ranks as well.

    Cain talks about why Meliodas never weilded a real sword. According to him, a serious Meliodas with a sword in hand was unbeatable. And then he brings out a short sword, a sword that Liz in the past supposedly made for Meliodas, which he had refused back then. He did not want to kill anyone.

    Back on the front line, Ban voices his intent to kill the monster, but Meliodas stops him. Both of them are furious at each other and quarrels over. Ban uses the whip in hand and removes the monster's heart, killing him. Or so they thought. Meliodas was furious. The monster got back up. As it turned out, it had two hearts. The monster lets out a furious growl.

    Back at the bar, the growl startles everyone. Amidst the confusion, Elizebath takes off towards the top of the mountain with Meliodas's sword in hand. The monster now resembled a demon more than ever. As Meliodas tried to reason with it, an angry Ban cuts him off and charges towards the monster. But, a couple blows from the monster cleaves him in half and knocks down Meliodas.

    King tries attacking it with Chastiefol Spear, to no avail. The thing was now even tougher than it was before. Meliodas's distraction resulted in King becoming the target of Venom Spit. Ban punches Meliodas in fury and tells him to get out if he does not have what it takes to finish the job. Elizebath comes running with the sword and tosses it at Meliodas, and tells him the sword is not for fighting, but a means of living, to survive.

    Meliodas grabs the sword and within a moment's notice, jumps above the Gilthmonster and in a single slash, cuts him up into tiny little chunks of meat. King is shocked at how easily Meliodas cut through the armor like skin where Chastiefol Spear failed before. He and the crew then diverge from their original plan, to recovering the broken sword that Meliodas lost at Byzel. However while camped roughly 40 miles from the Kingdom of Liones, Elizebath gets kidnapped by a mysterious sorcerer.

    Kingdom Infiltration Arc

    The Seven Deadly Sins immediately fast forward their plan of infiltrating the Kingdom. Using Diane's power, Meliodas, Ban and Gowther takes flight, crossing 40 miles in a few moments. At the Kingdom, the Sins had to push their way through ranks of Holy Knights in order to reach their goal. After splitting up, Meliodas encounter's Hendricksen and King Arthur of Camelot. Fight ensues, and soon, Gilthunder comes, joining the frey. In mid battle, Gilthunder switches sides and attacks Hendricksen, cutting off one of his hands. Gilthunder eventually defeats Hendricksen, and the Seven Deadly Sins goes on to rescue Elizabeth and his father who is trapped inside an enchanted room, impermeable to outside force.

    But Hendrickson wasn't quite done yet. Because the New Generation of Holy Knights was a product of his experiments, he had means of activating the demon blood residing in them. Amidst plans of leaving Liones, Hendrickson attacks again, this time with the transformed New Generation Holy Knights.

    While the Seven Deadly Sins and the others were preoccupied with keeping tabs on and possibly save them, Hendricksen attacks, wounding both Meliodas and Gilthunder. While Meliodas fights off the corroding effect of Hendrikson's spell, Gilthunder is not so lucky.

    In the midst of the battle between Meliodas and Hendricksen, Ban and Hawk makes their entrance. As Hawk rushes to save Elizabeth, Ban is entrusted to help Meliodas. But in a turn of events, Ban had decided to kill his dear friend, leading to a minor clash between the two.

    At the end, Ban is left unconvinced, but decides to fight Hendricksen. In due process, they learn that Hendricksen's improved power is due linked to the corpse of a Red Demon, whose power he had gained. After learning this, Ban shocks everyone, revealing that it was he who had killed that particular demon. Ban continues on to effortlessly defeat Red Demon hendricksen.

    Hendricksen crashes through the ground into a cavern. The heroes follow him down, and is shocked to discover yet another corpse. But this demon was different, gray in colour. As they were left to ponder on it's existence, Hendricksen makes a sudden appearance, and consumes the blood from the demon corpse. He transforms, into a grey demon form with wings.

    The power surge is massive. He highhandedly deals with all the sins and the Holy Knights. Amidst this chaos. Meliodas comes up with a plan. He instructs Gowther to mentally reveal the plan to everyone. This leads an unwilling group of Sins and Holy Knights to pull their utmost effort into attacking Meliodas. Meanwhile, Hendricksen only believed that the attacks were hitting Meliodas as well because the group of Holy Knights had decided to sacrifice Meliodas.

    However, a cruel surprise awaited Hendricksen. The entire ploy was set up masterfully for "Revenge Counter", a move that uses Meliodas's body as battery to store enough power, then unleash it all in one go. This attack seals Hendricksen's feat.

    Ten Commandments Saga

    Post Kingdom Infiltration Arc

    Immediately after the defeat of Demon Hendrickson, The Seven Deadly Sins were officially pardoned of their crimes on all accounts, and thereafter were redeemed of their legendary status and reputation by King Bartra himself. The King and the Holy Knights were moved as to how the Seven Sins, despite being pariahs and labeled traitors were still able to protect the Kingdom from external threats and rescue innocent civilians.

    In the following chapters, the ravaged streets of the Kingdom were being rebuilt by citizens. Meliodas was seen standing next to Elizabeth as she lay bed, optimistically awaiting her recovery. Merlin appeared next to Meliodas via teleportation, and they ensued in a conversation concerning the future of the Sins. Merlin decided to officially rejoined the Sins ranks and followed in their endeavors and decided to quest with them. This was also the beginning of the foreshadowing for the Ten Commandments appearance, who would soon to be the major antagonists for the remainder of the series.

    Meanwhile, Guila and Jericho were seen interacting in the following pages, with Jericho lamenting over her feelings for ban and the fact they would never be realized. guila also implied her love for Gowther. After this, Elizabeth was healed from her injuries much to everyone's surprise, and this was revealed to be result of Meliodas pleading for her life and the application of the Goddess clan's power. King was subsequently spotted perched on a tower in Liones, wondering how he could confess his love to Diane, only for her to appear to him in human size (to his wonder). They bantered for a bit, before Diane formally asked out King to go to the festival with her. He was overjoyed yet to shell-shocked to make a coherent reply. Later that day, Gilthunder went to the Boar Hat to visit Meliodas. After grabbing a drink, he told Meliodas that he decided to leave the capital, in order to pay restitution for his crimes while under the influence of his possession. Ban also took that opportunity to announce that he will be departing from the Seven Deadly Sins, in order to complete his own personal goals and make one with himself.

    Ban's Side Story

    The Sins are then seen gathering together at the festival to relish the short time of peace that they've earned, signaling the end of an era. Ban disembarks to find his own path, and his accompanied by none other than King and Jericho. They travel together to the Fairy King's forest, which they find to be severely dilapidated.

    Albion Arc

    Powers and Abilities

    Superhuman Strength : Meliodas has a large amount of strength, great enough to casually destroy a very large prison, which had a spell around it, that could stop 10 tyrant dragons, each capable of leveling a town, just by arm wrestling. Meliodas once split a Byzel Rock in two, without contact to it, demolished a small Forrest with the pressure behind his swing, and split a large hill in two from the shock wave of swinging a twig. Meliodas is also capable of contending with a shrunken Diane, who could destroy a barrier capable of taking meteors. After getting his full strength returned, he was able to effortlessly defeat Galand, who casually defeated him previously, even Meliodas increased his power several times over. Using his demon form, he was capable of easily defeating Drole, who can manipulate mountaing. After getting a power boost from his resurrection, he was able to overpower Derieri, even when she added several hundreds of tons to her punches, derieri was superior to demon Meliodas before his resurrection.

    Invulnerability : Meliodas is very durable, he was capable of taking punches from a shrunken Diane, which destroyed a barrier capable of tanking meteor strikes, and hits from Ban, who could destroy a prison capable of taking town level attacks. After his resurrection, he was capable of taking attacks from blue demons, which were able to destroy Ban's body, he was also capable of taking a blast from Gloxina, which destroyed mountains, and was able to take attacks from Derieri, even after she increased he attacks by hundreds of tons, though his arms were crippled. After his resurrection, he could take attacks from Derieri, even after adding hundreds of tons to her attack.

    Superhuman Speed : Meliodas is capable of moving at high speeds, speeds so fast that he can dodge lightning based attacks from Gilthunder, even using his full counter, which takes timing to use, he was also able to dodge explosions from Gulia. After regaining his full power, he could blitz Galand, who was able blitz beserker Meliodas, who was several times faster than his normal speed. After his resurrection, he was capable of out speeding Derieri, who was faster than his previous demon form.

    Demonic Transformation : Meliodas is capable of using his demon mark to transform, this transformation increases his physical abilities, when he first used it, he effortlessly overpowered Ban, even though Ban had his abilities and Meliodas' abilities combined. Meliodas was capable of using a version of the form, which was much stronger than his normal demon form, when using it, he cut off Gulia's hand faster than she could see, even though she kept up with Meliodas, and even then he was nowhere near his full power, at full power, he was capable of overpowering Helbram, a very strong Holy Knight, who had almost all Holy Knight's abilities on his own. Using rage, he can reach a berserk state, which amplifies his power several fold. After regaining his original power, he could contend with most of the ten commandment members. After his resurrection he was capable of effortlessly overpowering Derieri. Later his demonic form changed due to influence from the Demon King, becoming his assault form, using it, he casually overpowered Escanor, until he became "The One", and effortlessly restrained Estarossa and Zeldris, the latter of which was amplified by the Demon King.

    • Hellblaze : When utilizing his demonic transformation, Meliodas can use black flames, which are fueled by magic, thus cannot be extinguished, unless they run out of magic. The primary use of the ability, is to be shaped into objects, such as wings, swords, blasts, etc, it can also be imbued into weapons to make it stronger. This ability can also nullify regeneration abilities, such as an immortals, however, people who use this ability, can repair the damages by shaping it into a limb.

    Full Counter: Meliodas can reflect attacks back on his opponents, and with much greater power. The stronger his enemies, the stronger the power. He could not however, reflect, indirect attacks like Ban's robbing ability and physical attacks. Due to the nature of Meliodas ability, he cannot often take the initiative in battle.

    Counter Vanish: Instead of reflecting the power of attacks, Meliodas can just choose to dissipate the energy contained in the attacks, completely diffusing them. This only works on energy, ghost and wood based attacks.

    Revenge Counter: Meliodas can charge up power by using his own body as a catalyst, receiving and storing power from enemy attacks. He can then release all of the energy in a single devastating attack onto his opponent.


    Broken Sword: Meliodas carries a broken sword with him at all times. Though he has not been shown to use it as one, its assumed to be a powerful weapon. One time, the broken sword emitted the aura of the head of a dragon when Meliodas scared a Devil Hound to retreat. The hilt of the sword is actually a part of the seal that sealed the demon clan.

    Sacred Treasure: Demon Sword Lostveyne: A dagger with 5 holes in the middle of it. This dagger increases Meliodas strength by half when wielding it. He can use it to either boost his personal power, or choose to make clones, thus distributing the additional boost among the number of clones.

    Liz's Sword: Sword given to him in the past from his deceased lover. He initially declined the gift because when wielding a blade no one could match him and he was unstoppable. Later he accepts the sword from Princess Elizabeth realizing that he will have to kill and use his full power in order to protect those he cares for.


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