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Morality Bites Future

 Melinda first appeared in the episode, Morality Bites, in Season 2, where the sisters travaled in to the future to stop Phoebe burning at a stake. This was an alternative reality and Melinda's name was 'Melinda Wyatt', as well as having no powers (due to them being bound by Piper) and having divorced parents.

Dark Future

 There was no mention of Melinda from Chris Perry's future at all. This leads fans to think that Melind was either never born as Leo stayed as a full-time elder or she was born and had been killed by evil Wyatt or went underground in to hiding.

Powers And Abilities

Although Leo was mortal at the time of her conception, she appeared to show telekentic orbing, just like her Aunt Paige and brothers. This lead to confusion amongst fans as Leo is no longer  whitelighter and Melinda would only be granted witch powers, like her mother.

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