Melaka Fray

    Character » Melaka Fray appears in 27 issues.

    Melaka Fray is a thief and street kid turned Vampire Slayer in a future Manhattan. She is unaware of her powers until she is called to duty by her demon "watcher" Urkonn.

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    In the 23rd century Melaka Fray grew up in a ghetto like part of a city called Haddyn. As a teenager she discovered that she possessed super physical abilities. Because of her family's poor status she was forced to steal food just for her and her family to survive her sister was jealous because of this she wanted to be the one her family would praise. At 14 years old, she was attacked for the first time by a vampire or as they're called in the future, a "lurk". Her older twin brother Harth was killed in the attack. Her sister blamed her for the death of their brother, and Erin and Melaka went their separate ways.

    The Call

     By 19, she was a thief for hire who primarily took jobs from a person named Gunther. She also looked out for a girl named Loo. Melaka was approached by a demon named Urkonn, who informed her about the true origins of the lurks. She at first didn't believe him and added to the fact that she didn't have the dreams that came with being a slayer destined to fight the lurks. But when she found a lurk while on the job it remind her of the death of her brother. While fighting she came face to face with her brother's killer, Icarus. After that incident she used Gunther to track down Icarus and learned that he went against the law. She met a vampire named " Harth". Harth told his sister that because he was her twin he got her dreams and knew all about the slayer and vampire history. As he was turned by Icarus he knew that he had to ingest blood to survive. Because of his dreams he became leader of the lurks. And he wanted to bring back the "Old Ones". After getting over the shock of what she just learned she returned to her home and discovered the corps of Loo. This act gave Melaka the cause to embrace her slayer heritage and fight!

    Buffy: Queen of the Vampire Slayers

     After the events of Fray and Tales Melaka and her older sister Erin combine to take down Harth. In an attempt to find him they take a moving van and find a lurk who they question to find Harth's lair. The lurk tells them that Harth has teamed up with a crazy woman who no one knows. He later reveals that the only thing that any lurk (save Harth) is that she is very powerful. They go back to Mel's home to find out who the woman is. Melaka reads about a building in which she believes that Harth is staying. They go there and a fight breaks out between a demon and Melaka. During the fight the demon is teleported away and Buffy appears. After a fight between the two they both find out that they are both vampire slayers and begin to trust each other. Sometime later  Melaka learns that the woman is actually Dark Willow who has somehow lived thousands of years into the future. During the meeting Harth appears and tells Melaka that if Buffy goes back to her time line then she and her time will never exist. She tries to stop Buffy from going through the opening portal. Willow stands in her way. After Melaka is defeated, Buffy kills Willow and returns to the 21st century.

    Powers and Skills

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    As a slayer, she possesses the same abilities as other slayers which include super strength, agility, durability, speed, reflexes and healing. However, she does not possess psychic slayer powers such as the prophetic dreams; those abilities were somehow given to her twin brother, the vampire leader Harth.

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