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Only the Phoenix survives chaos

A deadly mercenary Mekros is the product of an experiment by The Agency to create the most deadly assassin in the world using LSD and hypnotic suggestion, Mekros became his own handler and agent using self hypnosis and other techniques to brainwash himself into serving employers perfectly at the price of one million dollars per contract. He was hired by the mafia to kill Batman (who at the time was Jean Paul Valley). He killed his employer by mistake when Batman dodged a sniper shot, he retreated after Batman when Batman proved to be a more dangerous opponent than expected. He doubled his fee and threatened his employers, killing many of their men in the process. The Agency sent an assassin to kill him, but Batman interrupted and Mekros killed the assassin before battling Batman in a store. Batman shattered his face plate in knocked him out in the ensuing rumble. He was most likely arrested and hasn't returned since.

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