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Thomas "Tom" Regal was son to a famous philanthropist. But always felt neglected by his father. Mr. Regal provided his son with enough money to get decent clothes, his own car (a Volkswagen Beetle) and attend college. But Regal devoted most of his time and attention to benefiting the people of New York City. Having little to no time to spend with Tom. 
Tom was increasingly frustrated, angry at his father and the world at large. He was motivated to steal an experimental exoskeleton from the University Research Center. He put on the costume and became the newest super-villain in the City: Mekano. His initial goal being the destruction of his father's latest charitable project. The project was a Memorial Library.  
He found two X-Men (Beast and Iceman) performing an act for the crowds next to the library. Mekano seized the opportunity to announce his debut in the world of villainy. Pointing the two mutants as his allies and a short of opening act. Two overzealous police officers were quick to go after Iceman. Mekano was confronted by the Beast. But a quick punch to the solar plexus left his opponent incapacitated. 
Mekano made his way to the library and started wrecking the place. He was followed there by the Angel and Cyclops. He easily won his first match with Warren and knocked Scott off his feet. But every time one of his opponents was temporarily out of it, the other one gave chase. Eventually he was cornered by Angel, Cyclops and the recovering Beast. He managed to grasp Warren, using him as a human shield for a while. 
Mekano then used the Angel as a projectile weapon, knocking the other two mutants off their feet. He decided to escape before they recovered. He attempted to leap from the window to a nearby building. But had overestimated the leaping ability of his armor. He would have fallen to his death if not rescued in time by Jean Grey. The near-death experience cleared his mind. Tom was convinced to discuss his differences with his father. 


Mekano was created by Roy Thomas and Ross Andru in 1967 and first appeared in X-Men # 36. 

Powers & Abilities

Mekano was granted enhanced strength, durability and resistance to injury due to the exo-skeleton suit he wore. The suit also granted Mekano enhanced leaping abilities because of the bands and gears attached to his legs.

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