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    One of the core members of the ABC Warriors. Mek-Quake was a lack-brained demolition robot who's original torso was a huge bulldozer when he was a member of Robusters. He is now a celebrity after taking credit for the destruction of the Marineris Red House.

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    Originally appearing in the earlier ‘ Ro-Busters’ comic strip, Mek-Quake was a lack-brained demolition robot who's original torso was a huge bulldozer.

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    Mek-Quake is one of the oldest recurring members of the ABC warriors and former Ro-Busters team, and may be the oldest member of any team, being first seen clearing up broke droids in the early part of the 20th to 21st century, several years before the creation and deployment of the Hammerstein war droids. Originally built to demolish tax droids and robots that started getting faulty, Mek-Quake was later employed by Howard Quartz (aka Mr. 10 %) in his team the Ro-Busters.

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    While Mek-Quake didn't always go into rescue operations, he was used more often than not as a threat to other robots owned by Quartz as punishment for disobedience. Over the course of Ro-Busters, more than half of the droids employed by Quartz saw their end in the steel jaws of the insane Mek-Quake. Despite his insanity, Mek-Quake is and was a veritable coward; he feels brave attacking weak humans and robots, but when confronted by a much bigger mech, he runs and hides, then later claims to be a hero.

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    Mek-Quake, when not killing other robots ("Big Jobs" as he enjoys calling his kills), Mek-Quake would bully newcomers, threatening to kill them if they didn't give him old war comics or credits. Because of his sheer size, most stayed fearful of him, knowing full well that if Mek-Quake had his way, he'd kill them all in their sleep via crushing or graphic dismemberment. During this time, Mek-Quake met the robots Hammerstein and Ro-Jaws, both of whom he tried repeatedly to kill and eventually classified them as his enemies. After many years in the service of Howard Quartz, all the surviving robots, save Mek-Quake, escaped for a free robot planet. It is unknown for certain what Mek-Quake did after the destruction of the Ro-Busters team.

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    Many centuries after the events of Ro-Busters, Mek-Quake was seen again in the siege of the life tree Yggdrasil. In this battle, Mek-Quake's brain was transplanted into the body of a massive siege machine, with a head that gave the vague appearance of a cat (or, for lack of better examples, a bulbasaur or Gengar from the Pokemon series) As the insane monster robot destroyed the tree, Nemesis the Warlock, who had gone to the tree to help the native species in his war against the malevolent Terran dictator Torquemada, summoned a massive sandstorm to confuse both Mek-Quake and a super transport machine nicknamed the Torque-armada, a massive stiff legged monster of a robot that was built to resemble the insane human leader Tomas de Torquemada. After the Torque-armada smashed into Mek-Quake in confusion by the huge sandstorm, the two robots began to duel, slicing each other with sickles and claws, decimating both allies and enemies in their battle. Finally, Mek-Quake managed to defeat the Torque-armada when a rogue firetruck nearby accidentally set fire to the enemy machine's legs, burning him alive and all those inside.

    Mek-Quake, when the Terran troops retreated due to high casualties, was given the job of disposing of the injured battle mechs, so as to prevent the enemies from re-programming them and using them to fight against the Termight Empire. While dismembering the Torque-armada, the wounded machine told him about a recent time that Ro-Jaws had insulted him in a parade. The mad demolition robot was thrilled; his old partnrs and enemies where still alive. Now he could get the chance he had waited centuries for.

    To give the two robots Hammerstein and Ro-Jaws big jobs. Very big jobs indeed.

    After the battle, Mek-Quake's brain was transferred back to his original tank body. It was at this point that he first met face to face Nemesis the Warlock, asking him several times if he could be part of the new ABC Warriors team that he was recruiting. Initially Nemesis refused, suspecting that the dumb robot was asking on behalf of an enemy spy, but after the death of Mad Ronn in an explosion, he reconsidered and grudgingly allowed the killer bulldozer onto the team, realizing that Mek-Quake's insatiable need to kill was a huge asset in fighting, along with his massive body.

    It turned out that over the years, Mek-Quake was collecting far more than just vintage war comics. He would steal the bodies of victims, ripping out their heads and brains and attaching his own. He had as "spares" his bulldozer body (which would be later converted to a transportable kill-dozer) and a battle suit, reaching over 10-15 feet tall, depending on the artist.

    Now part of the ABC Warriors, he, Hammerstein and Ro-Jaws exchanged a few intense words, since neither trusted the other due to their chaotic history. Sadly enough, during their initial outing into the Time Straits to repair damage caused by the infant warlock Thoth, a member, Hitaki, died as a result of Mek-Quake's stupidity. Misunderstanding an order, Mek-Quake tore the warrior apart, his head slowly dying due to his battery dying out. Despite this, Mek-Quake proved to be invaluable, and was kept on the team. He ended up being particularly useful when going back in time, his kill-dozer body big enough to be used as a transport vehicle for the team, their weapons and spare body parts and tools. However, in the Time Straits, Mek-Quake momentarily was recruited in an bid to betray the ABC Warriors, working with Blackblood and Deadlock only because he wanted to be on the "winning" team. The moment he saw that his group was losing, he switched allegiance.

    In the mission to spread Khaos after the Time Straits where fixed, Mek-Quake grew more insane, gaining more enjoyment out of killing and would sometimes try to prove his intelligence by repeating words. After the initial mission, the team separated for a decade. I that time, Mek-Quake, fully influenced by Khaos now, had his naturally silver-blue metal repainted green and he took up "recycling", essentially the same job he had during his Ro-Buster days. In an attempt to create ore by burying the remains of crushed robots, he ended up destroying further the moon he settled on with huge amount of gas and smog.

    His recycling faze was so intense, that he began to attack his former teammates, obsessed with turning them into ore and scarp. A lucky shot to his pea-sized brain by a less-than-amused Joe Pineapples reverted the insane demolition beast back to his initial programming, where he was later rebooted, minus the recycling sequence.

    The Team later went on to Mars to settle disputes between the Martian entity Medusa and the human settlers. In these wild west based romps, Mek-Quake ended up sacrificing his original tank-like body by driving it full of explosives into a church, destroying alien creatures that threatened to kill is team. Luckily he got away in time with his battle suit before his brain could be demolished as well.

    However, Mek-Quake's time with the ABC Warriors was drawing to a close. Despite being loyal, for the most part, and a great backup with weapons, his unstable brain was getting worse and worse. Now he began mimicking inadvertently the phrases his enemies and teammates spoke, dancing and shooting at innocent civilians without realizing it. Hammerstein and Deadlock decided then that it was time to get the former bulldozer some rest, and had him committed to the Broadband Asylum.

    Mek-Quake was very reluctant, unwilling to abandon the members he now felt where his friends. Hammerstein was saddened at the prospect as well, but pressure from the rest made him sign the forms and now had Mek-Quake hospitalized.

    However, the bulldozer didn't realize that he wasn't an ABC Warrior anymore.....not until a defector Blackblood told him that he was abandoned by the ABC Warriors. In a rage, Mek-Quake escaped, taking the former Volgan general Volkhan with him. Volkhan accepted Mek-Quake into his ranks, and eventually attacked the ABC Warriors, wanting revenge for the war he lost centuries ago, along with his "son" being killed by a young Deadlock back in the original Volg Wars.

    Mek-Quake, though, never could stay truly loyal to a specific cause for long. The moment he sensed that his new team was losing, he defected immediately and ran away. He later appeared on TV, advertising a new book he wrote titled "Big Jobs". Despite his cowardice, Mek-Quake became rich an famous for taking credit in destroying the Confederate President house in Mars.


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