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Dirk Leyden grew up in Peekskill, Minnesota. He always loved movies and related everything in life to them. As a child he stole some gum cards from a local store and got caught for this. He believed that this incident made him doomed to a life of crime.

Criminal Career

He moved to New York City and was  common criminal and petty thief. He ended up meeting with Jonas Harrow and that is where he got his superhuman powers. After receiving his powers Harrow sent him on a job to rob a warehouse with some of his men but Daredevil broke it up and quickly defeated the other men. Megawatt didn't even have a chance to use his powers before Daredevil defeated him as well.

While in jail he used his power to break free and fled to Australia.

Acting Career

He got a job working for Koolabar Films as a stuntman. He worked his way up and eventually got his first speaking part and then all the way up to movie star. He is the action hero star of 'Bush Ranger' made it to #1 in the US, Australia and Europe, receiving over $100 million dollars at the box office.

At the premier party the law finally caught up with him. Peter Parker was there because Mary Jane's producers were distributing the movie in the US. Instead of going in he transformed into Megawatt and fled, but Spider-Man followed. Spider-Man defeated him but he escaped the police and ran to Australia again.

Because of his star power, Koolabar paid for their top lawyers to defend him. He was signed on to make sequels of 'Bush Ranger' as writer, star and producer.


Megawatt's nervous system is is altered to absorb and store electricity. This gives him super strength and he can shoot lightning blasts.

Megawatt can power up through any electric outlet or source of electricity.

Megawatt can leap buildings by pushing electricity through his feet.

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