Megavolt's Tronsplitter

    Object » Megavolt's Tronsplitter appears in 4 issues.

    A device created by Megavolt to separate the positrons from the negatrons. It created the first Negaduck. Darkwing used it against the combined forces of Negaduck (II) and Paddywhack.

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    It started out as a toaster oven, but it evolved into something even more diabolical. Megavolt created it to rob banks and not get caught.


    It was created by Steve Roberts for the TV show Darkwing duck. It was later used by Ian Brill in the New Boom! series.

    The Birth of Negaduck (I): from Darkwing TV Show

     When Darkwing was foiling Megavolt's bank hist, he got shot by Megavolt's tronsplitter, which split him into two different people: one who was peaceful and caring (also known as PosiDuck) and a being full of hate with only the wish of destruction (also known as Negaduck).
    Launchpad and Gosalyn, with the help of Megavolt and his tronsplitter, were finally able to merge the two back together though after the destruction and rebuilding of city hall. It was believed that this was the end of see the tronsplitter, but no there was more!

    Crisis on Infinite Darkwings

    It is revealed Megavolt still has the tronsplitter with him in his cell in St. Canard Penitentiary. Darkwing barrows the device and uses it agianst the combined person of Negaduck (the alternate version) and Paddywhack.

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