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    Megavolt is a recurring villain of Darkwing Duck. He is known for his electrical powers.

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    Megavolt was once a classmate of Darkwing's (then Drake Mallard) who  was interested in electristy. When a bully by the name of Hamm String damaged his science project on Static electricity, Elmo sputterspark gained the ability to project and absorb energy. From then on, he called himself Megavolt, growing mad with his power, and even now attempts to free the light bolbs from their imprisonment.


    Megavolt was created for the tv show Darkwing duck.  He was voiced by Dan Castellaneta ( Homer simpson!).  
    Ian Brill and James Silvani have taken on the character for their current ongoing series by the same name.

    Major Arcs

    The Duck Knight Returns
    When the evil corperation known as Quackwerks took over St. Canard, this rogue retired the guise of Megavolt in favor of Elmo. He became a Quackwerks data account networking officer to earn a liveing. The coworker who shares the same cubical with him reminds him of someone who wears a grey hate and purple cape, but he's not sure who. This coworker, Drake Mallard, annoyes him so much that he was late for his bus.
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    After missing his bus, he is abducted and blindfolded. When he is finally able to see however, he sees his fellow Fearsome Five villains: Liquidator, Bushroot, and Quackerjack. All the members are reuniting, all except Negaduck, to get revenge on Quackwerks for ruining their fun. They first blow up the toy store Quackerjack was forced to work at and then plan to destroy their other work places, but they are interupted by some Quackwerks Crimebots. After the simple fight, they see the Thunderquack in the sky with Darkwing inside it. Quackerjack uses Megavolt as a power source for his own flying vehicle, which they attack darkwing in. This cat and mouse (or duck) chase is put to a stop, however, when Crimebots trap them all.
    Megavolt wakes up to find that the man behind Quackwerks and the reason he was stuck behind his desk rather than liberating the city's enslaved electric-powered denizens was none other than the big shot villain known as Taurus Bulba.  Bulba was defeated and Megavolt is placed comfertably in jail.
    Crisis on Infinite Darkwings

    When facing the combined forces of Paddywhack and Negaduck, Darkwing remembers his first battle with his negative self, where he was shot by Megavolt's tronsplitter, which seperated the positrons from the negatrons thus creating a negaduck and a posiduck. Using this memory, Darkwing barrows from megavolt the tronsplitter, not noticing Quackerjack had escaped. He uses this device to defeat Paddywhack and Negaduck. 
     It is assumed that Megavolt is still in jail, though for how long remains to be seen.

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