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Join an unruly otaku, Piro, and his game-obsessed freakazoid friend, Largo, on their unexpected adventures after they’re stranded in Japan! They may not find love, but they’ll definitely find mayhem. The first three volumes of Fred Gallagher’s popular otaku-gamer fantasy epic are finally collected—with new material exclusive to this edition!

Affordable entry point for new readers!

Celebrating Fred Gallagher’s popular, long-running webcomic!

Features extra material exclusive to this edition.


  • Omnibus 01: Fr33talk
  • Chapter 0: "Relax, we understand j00"
  • Shirt Guy Dom Pull-Out Section, Part 1
  • Chapter 1: "Do You Want to Save Before You Quit?"
  • Chapter 2: "Things Change Little by Little"
  • Chapter 3: "Am I Your Number One Fan?"
  • Chapter 4: "Low Ping Rate"
  • One-Shot (Non-story) Episodes
  • Megatokyo Omake Theater: "t3h b34ch"
  • Megatokyo Gameworlds
  • Gameworlds Short Story - "Endgames: Presence"
  • Gameworlds Extras - "Endgames: Disabled"
  • Grand Theft Colo
  • Shirt Guy Dom Pull-Out Section, Part 2
  • Dead Piro Art Days
  • In Search of Lost Wings
  • Megatokyo Bonus Pages
  • Kimiko Redrawn (Again)
  • Piro's Sketchbook
  • Strip Index


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Story Arcs

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