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Megan had thought the world of Dr. Cross. To her he was amazing and brilliant and she would have never let anything happen to him ever. She was completely 100% loyal. And she was falling in love with him. Albeit, Dr. Cross had many interesting quirks, but Megan saw through them all, even the footsie pajamas.

When Megan came on to the doctor, Cross freaked out and told her not to touch him. Megan took it personally and wasn't so loyal afterwards. Only too late did she discover that Cross refused to let her too close to him because of her powers which involved sharp spikes shooting out from her body. Megan has not been the same since Dr. Cross refused her. After the death of Dr. Cross Megan started out on her own, eventually crossing paths with Gen13 once again. Going on a bit of a killing spree to find answers, Megan was adamant that no one found out she was a Gen9 experiment.

Megan is extremely fractured mentally and has proven to be very devious.

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