Megan Summers

    Character » Megan Summers appears in 44 issues.

    Megan Summers is a member of GeNeXt and the firstborn daughter of Scott and Emma Summers.

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    Brief History

    Megan is the firstborn daughter of Scott and Emma Summers. She is the oldest of their four children which include two unnamed twin sisters and a younger brother named Alex (after their paternal uncle the deceased X-Man Havok). Her older half-siblings Rachel Summers, Cable and Nate Grey (X-Man) are all deceased.

    As a child of two leaders of both the X-Men and the mutant race as a whole she was trained in the use of her abilities from a very young age. She has learned what it means to be a mutant in a world of hate and fear. She also is very comfortable around humans and fellow mutants thanks to her upbringing at the Xavier Institute.

    Learning the hard way

    As a teen she learned in intimate detail what being a mutant and X-Man meant as she witnessed her friends and family attacked brutally by the Skulls and a combination of the X-Men's foes. In a bid to save her and her siblings, her mom sent her to the Lebeau residence. She thought herself safe until she was captured by Gambit under orders from Mr. Sinister along with her siblings. Over the course of her capture she grew closer to Gambit's son Oliver Raven with whom she found a kindred spirit.

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    In a daring escape attempt she and Oli led the kids in a desperate fight against the guards. Luckily Gambit switched side again and they were rescued. After this she and the twins along with Oli were separated from Gambit and Ray. Oli fought valiantly to save her and her sisters until Rogue arrived to save them. After this she was secreted away after reuniting with her mother and father. Once things settled down she returned to what could be considered normal for an X-Man.

    Life after All the Death

    After this her mother became even more protective than usual and she threw herself into her training. As she blossomed into a woman she fell in love with Oliver who she affectionately called 'Oli" despite the friction that now existed between the "Summers" and "Lebeau" families.

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    They kept their relationship hidden for awhile but Oli's personality soon made it clear to everyone what was happening. Megan later helped Oli regain consciousness during a battle with Shadow X and accompanied her uncle Hank/Beast when he went to Genosha to pick them up.

    Joining GeNext

    Once in Genosha she was reunited with Oli and they all bared witness to the arrival of an Indian superhero in distress. Following Oli's, orders she accompanied the team to India where she helped his team Ge-Next fend off Kalima and her minions.

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    During the debacle she was temporarily transformed into an Indian native and was shocked at how easily Kalima dispatched her after all her years of training. She was sure her mom would not have been proud. After she was returned to normal she became a member herself as they returned to the Institute.

    Megan Frost's Status

    Known Relatives: Frost linage

    Winston Frost (Grandfather, deceased), Hazel Frost (Grandmother, deceased), Cordelia Frost (Aunt, Status unknown), Adrienne Frost (Aunt ,deceased), Christian Frost (Uncle, status unknown), Steven Frost uncle(deceased); Celeste Cuckoo , Phoebe Cuckoo , Mindee Cuckoo (sisters), Esme Cuckoo and Sophie Cuckoo (sisters, deceased), Thousands of unnamed cloned sisters (deceased), Alex Summers Jr. (brother), Summer-Frost Twins (sisters)

    Known Relatives: Summers linage

    Daniel Summers (Ancestor, deceased) , Philip Summers (Great grandfather ,deceased), Deborah Summers (Great grandmother, deceased), Christopher Summers/ Corsair (Grand father ,deceased), Katherine-ann Summers (Grandmother, deceased), Alex Summers/ Havok (uncle, deceased), Annie Ghazikhanian-Summers (aunt, deceased), Carter Ghazikhanian (cousin, deceased).

    Nathan Christopher Charles Summers/ Cable (half-brother, deceased),

    Nate Grey/ X-Man (half-brother, deceased), Rachel Summers/Phoenix III (half-sister, deceased), Stryfe (Cloned half-brother, deceased), Ruby Summers(sister).


    • Citizenship: United States
    • Place of Birth: unknown
    • Marital Status: In relationship with Oliver Raven
    • Occupation: Heiress and occasional adventurer


    • Height: 5'7"
    • Weight: 130 lbs
    • Eyes: Blue
    • Hair: Blond

    Powers and abilities

    Megan is a powerful young telepath shown to be able to, establish mind to mind communication and mind reading.

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    While never shown in use since she is the child of Emma Frost and has been trained by her from a young age it is also in her power to control and paralyze minds, possess them, hypnotize people, induce pain in others and perhaps to even summon mental bolts. She can also access the psychic plane through her powers.

    Their have also been instances where she appears to float for short distances, her whole body glows pink during these moments. It was never explained if this was a limited flight or telekinetic feat. In addition it's unknown if she possesses or will develop secondary mutations in the future

    In other media

    She has not appeared in any other medium besides comics since her inception.

    In other realities

    While she has not appeared in another reality before she has many siblings and family in them most notable Scotty Summers from the Mutant-X series and her closest analogue the Summers Rebellion leader Ruby Summers with whom she shares the same parents.


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