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    A gifted student and athlete, young Joe Majurac sought more than mere conventional success in acedemic and/or athletic pursuits. Joe sought and achieved the 'Mind/body connection' becoming MEGALITH, the Ultimate Man.

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    Joe Majurac was a supremely devoted and disciplined young man who was trained and sponsored by a duplicitous organzation to compete, win and gain fame in the Olympics. When those goals were accomplished, Joe was supposed to then become an athlete-for-hire under the control of his benefactors. Learning of his so-called benefactors true nature and plans, Joe refused but soon relented when his parents lives were held as leverage. The mistake his captors made was underestimating this son of a Polish immigrant. Joe continued to train, though secretly, and he trained, trained and trained until he attained a never before thought possible mind-link with his body. His physical and mental abilities and faculties now enhanced to superhuman levels, Joe Majurac became...Megalith the Ultimate Man.

    Joe was able to correspond with his parents by mail. His heightened mental awareness and abilites let him advise his parents' investments. Then, Joe broke free and made his way to a american army base, the army flew him to america and to his parent's farm. Terrorists were there, but his parents were gone presumed dead.

    Joe was left orphaned and rich. Joe refused to accept that his parents are dead. He searches for them and defends the world with his friends, Armor, Silver Streak and the deadly Scarlet Streak.


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