Megabook #M5

    Megabook » Megabook #M5 released by CE Publishing Group on February 2018.

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    Welcome to MEGABOOK M5! 25 stories and 216 pages long! Incredible comics from the amazing minds of amazing indie creators. The Worlds Largest Comic Anthology Continues! Join the legions of MEGABOOK fans enjoying the adventures of the indy universe! CAUTION! Reading this Anthology is an infectious addiction. Leading to long durations of intense reading and sleepless nights of fantasy and adventure!

    Practice safe digital handling! Downloading this book will make your digital device HEAVY! Be SAFE and seek out a partner for lifting! And let them read M1, M2, M3 & M4 too! Use your legs and not your back!

    Thank You for supporting Indie comic creators everywhere!

    CE Publishing Gives You MORE!


    Section 1

    • Animus Gulch
    • The Conqueror
    • Astral Crusaders: Game On
    • Undead of Night
    • The Fallen
    • Corn Lady

    Section 2

    • HMS Conqueror
      • Planet Tale
      • Inside Story
      • Contact Man
      • Stampede!
    • Fuerza 7 #3
    • The Bite of Justice
    • The Dock of Sorrow
    • Avalon: Aces
    • The House on Avery Street

    Section 3

    • Bounty Buddies
    • Vampires of the Lost Highway
    • David & Goliath
    • Terrors of Oz
    • A Game of Cat and Wolf

    Section 4

    • Ice Zombies
    • Shock Therapy: Frog Part 1
    • Spirit Legends #3
    • War Party: Part 1


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    Story Arcs

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